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Fausto Liro

Social media marketer, trend analyst, and content manager by day, Fausto Liro is a Bitcoin saver and cryptocurrency speculator + miner by night. The son of immigrants, he is impassioned about the opportunities Bitcoin provides for those who grew up in underprivileged areas like he did. He writes about Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency space every chance he has in an effort to help people from his community, as well as everyone else born in a social class where they're destined to work until they die. He strongly believes that Bitcoin provides the financial dignity and decency to escape the restraint of inflation and the bondage of the traditional financial system. He chronicles his financial journey on his "Investla" social media pages. A life-long Angeleno, he loves rescuing animals (his house is starting to resemble a farm), swimming, lifting weights, and long distance running. 

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