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Ella Hough

Ella Hough is a sophomore at Cornell University’s College of Arts and Sciences, pursuing degrees in Cognitive Science and Moral Psychology. By exploring ethics, empathy, and compassion and their integration into technology, Ella endeavors to discover whether or not a moral code can be integrated into systems like AI. Learning the art of writing Chinese characters, which “code” ethical actions to speakers, taught Ella to pay attention to a pattern’s reference points, where deep meaning lies. Patterns endlessly fascinate her. Exploring human processing systems for bridging connections, fostering understanding, and understanding the impact of physical distance on cultural differences, Ella believes we can foster the cross-cultural collaboration our world needs.

Bitcoin is “coded” for empathy, for moral soundness. Ella believes we are at the highest inflection point ever to be. Gen Z might be at the end of the alphabet, but it is the beginning of the future. The 21,000,000 bitcoin are our tools for the 21st century and onwards. 

Outside, Ella is an adventurer at heart. Nothing ignites her senses like arranging (highly) organized packing cubes in a (small) carry-on and taking an (economy) seat on an international flight headed to a distant destination. She is a connector who values questions over answers and endeavors to perfect the art of improbable friendship. 

Ella is a member of IBM Canada’s CSR team, where she has managed STEM learning experiences for 75k+ students, proudly HODL’s ATH bitcoin, and as part of her college applications, submitted an essay about a collection of peanut butter she gathered while trekking the globe. Ella is BTC Class of 2021. 

A simple hello can lead to a million things. “Hello!”