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Christopher Tharp

Chris is a political science and international relations doctoral candidate at the University of Delaware. In his dissertation, he attempts to conceptualize “sovereignty” and the “politics of swarming” by examining the case of Puerto Rico.


He theorizes sovereignty is located within autonomous, self-organizing powers and political economic drives pushing for more robust human freedom and more resilient mutualist, anarcho-capitalist community solidarity.


Hurricane Maria exposed poverty, injustice, and vulnerability, but since 2019 creative political forces have raised the need for a sovereigntist transformation of Puerto Rico based on a “swarming” politics of entangled humanism. True emergent creativity often results from emergencies and projects new results into the “furniture” of the cosmos.


    Chris has instructed courses at the University of Delaware focusing on macroeconomics, austerity politics, global governance, and the theories of Keynesianism and the Chicago School, as well as the methodology of praxeology and axioms of Austrian School economics.