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Cam Randell

From a very young age, Cam Randell revealed his curiosity on how things work. He was lucky to have access to a computer from the age of 6, since his parents are technology lovers. As a child he learned to use these tools to learn about the things that intrigued him and like most kids to play video games, another of his greatest passions. Cam grew up and entered an industry that’s not entirely tech-related but it remained as an area of interest throughout his adult life. In parallel to his love for economics, Cam is also passionate about the concept of decentralization, the movement of decentralized organizations, and the future of the economic lives for his and the next generations. His incursion into the Bitcoin universe would happen organically in 2019, when he was looking for a way to send money to a friend in Argentina, where it was difficult to do through traditional methods, he suggested using the mysterious creation of Satoshi Nakamoto. At first Cam was skeptical, as his friend was not a tech geek or seasoned investor, but after talking to people who knew about Bitcoin, he was convinced. And became truly passionate about the subject, since he understood, as Andreas Antonopoulos very correctly suggested, that "blockchain is not a system of currency, but rather a platform of trust". Today, Cam firmly believes that Bitcoin is the key technology in the quest for more privacy in a global society with data breaches happening every day, fueled by bad actors including authoritarian governments and centralized corporations. Cam would just love to grow old and have his grandkids ask him what he did in his life, he can tell them, I was part of a group that made bitcoin successful and because of that there are 9 billion people today who live a life that’s better than ever