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Bruce Fenton

Bruce Fenton is the founder and CEO of Chainstone Labs, an investment and advisory company/incubator focused on the intersection of traditional securities and distributed ledger technology. Chainstone Labs owns Watchdog Capital, an SEC registered and FINRA member broker-dealer; Atlantic Financial, a registered investment advisory; and, the Satoshi Roundtable, a leader in crypto industry retreats that gathers leading developers, CEOs, founders, scientists, academics and investors, which celebrated its seventh year in 2021.

Fenton has been in Bitcoin since 2012. He has served as the executive director and a board member for the Bitcoin Foundation in 2015 and 2016, founded the original Bitcoin Association industry group and spoken at numerous global industry conferences. He is the founder of the Dubai Bitcoin Conference, a Devcore organizer and is an advisor to the Premier of Bermuda on the FinTech Advisory Board.