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Bitcoin Vegan & Dawdu Amantanah

Justin Rhedrick is a passionate motivational coach and Bitcoin expert. After seeing a deadly shootout his senior year of high school and later serving a three-year prison sentence, Justin wanted to change his life. The other fuel to this fire was an unfortunate reality: the lack of opportunities for those re-entering the world after jail or prison. It wasn't long until one of Justin's friends introduced him to Bitcoin. He was so intrigued that he even worked odd jobs to save and invest in Bitcoin. Justin's journey into Bitcoin ignited his career as a performance coach. He aspires to help others pursue and achieve a financial avenue in Bitcoin. He even developed a following on social media as the "BitcoinVegan."

Dawdu M. Amantanah is the author of several articles and books most recently "The Bit on Digital Coins: A quick practical guide to understanding Cryptocurrency." An alumnus of Southern New Hampshire University School of Business before discovering a passion for content writing was a former gold bug now Bitcoiner. Dawdu has worked for tech start-ups and financial institutions such as J.P. Morgan Chase and State Street Bank