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Asif Shiraz

Asif Shiraz is a longtime activist for Islamic sound-money initiative, the gold dinar movement, since 2008. He founded Dinar Wakala, issuers of the first American gold dinar coin from Austin Texas, in collaboration with the American Open Currency Initiative and the World Islamic Mint.

He has also authored an Urdu book on the subject, created educational videos and lobbied for sound money with political organizations in his home country, Pakistan. He has been avidly defending Bitcoin since 2012 on his Dinar-focused Facebook groups, (but having lost his Mt. Gox account and focused solely on gold currencies since then), he has only recently resumed evangelizing Bitcoin in the Muslim world.

He can be found either in Austin or Islamabad, and in some Schrodinger moments, at both places. He is a software developer by profession, a Sufi by heart, and now, a Bitcoiner for life.