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Aaron Segal

  1. I am a bitcoin maximalist who fell deep down the rabbit hole roughly a year ago and have not looked back.
  2. I am a portfolio manager at a NYC-based hedge fund with over 16 years of experience in the hedge fund industry, and prior to discovering bitcoin have had extensive experience with credit markets, banking, monetary theories, macroeconomics, risk management, trading and game theory, and fundamental analysis of asset values in gold/commodities, equities, FX, options/derivatives, futures, and corporate debt.
  3. My intention now is to take some of the knowledge and insights accumulated over the past year in bitcoin, combine it with my many years studying markets and economics in the real world, and share that combined perspective to become a more productive member of the bitcoin community and to help possible skeptics out there better comprehend the exhilarating and transformational tsunami that is underway.