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David Mondrus

I'm a self taught technologist with 30+ years of experience. I was employee #5 at, CTO - and CEO - I hold an MBA from Columbia University and run an online store at I believe that Bitcoin will change the world for the better right in front of our eyes.

September 27, 2014
Op Ed

The First Blockchain Wedding

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In a step to decentralize the state’s authority to give a stamp of approval on love, Joyce and David Mondrus have gotten married on the blockchain.

How did David get married on the blockchain? Those who attended the wedding were shown a QR code that linked to the transaction where the data associated with the wedding was stored.

Any bitcoin transaction can store information. In David’s case, he stored information related to his wedding, which I am actively looking into.

Jeffrey Tucker officiated (he would probably say unofficiated) the wedding ceremony which had a few attendies watching via Skype including David’s mother.

Jeffrey said something which made everyone in the room teary eyed:

“Love is the one thing that makes you create something that hasn’t existed.”