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CoinPip Supports Merchants Internationally


         CoinPip Supports Merchants Internationally

Singapore-based bitcoin payment solution CoinPip Pte Ltd has been working tirelessly to make accepting digital currency even easier for its clients and for merchants in over 122 countries.

Using CoinPip’s recently updated system, merchants can now instantly convert their bitcoin transactions into 70 regional currencies. Merchants use CoinPip’s point-of-sale system or online payment gateway to directly accept bitcoin payments. The funds are exchanged and deposited in the merchant’s CoinPip account and can be withdrawn via traditional wire transfer.

Anson Zeall, co-founder of CoinPip, expects to see rapid global adoption of bitcoin by merchants in coming months, particularly in Asia and in countries with emerging markets.

“CoinPip has been hard at work at improving our infrastructure and user experience for the past few months,” said Zeall. “Starting in Hong Kong and Singapore, we’ve built a system that will process payments for any merchant with a bank account that is connected to the international financial system.”

Joining the CoinPip program has been made as simple as possible. Merchants visit the CoinPip website ( and sign up for an account. From there, merchants select the appropriate country and verify their bank account details.

Using an easy-to-understand interface, merchants check the status and history of their payments, displayed in their local currency. Payments in South Africa will be denominated in Rand, for instance, while Indonesian payments will be shown in Rupiah. As one of the most innovative bitcoin startups in Singapore, CoinPip has been hard at work improving their APIs, allowing developers worldwide to connect with their payment system.

Asia is still fairly virgin territory for merchant payment processing. Giants like BitPay have yet to gain a strong foothold in the region. This leaves things open for local companies to take a share of what is potentially an enormously profitable market.

CoinPip’s vision is to make bitcoin as safe and easy-to-use as any other form of money. Based in Singapore, its team boasts experience working on high-tech projects across the globe.

With Coinpip the team aims to bring a friendly, powerful payment system to world marketplace by distributing SMS, Card and Mobile wallets, and by providing an outstanding suite of merchant services. Asia will be its launching point. was founded by entrepreneur Anson Zeall, Alexander Angerer, and Arseniy Kucherenko, its Chief Crypto Technologist.

Coinpip is no stranger to the grass-roots development of Bitcoin in Asia. They have experienced success with their Boost events, which introduce local merchants and counsumers to Bitcoin and provide personal instruction on how to get started and interact with the technology.

They are also on the leading edge of the space, being one of the first companies to integrate SMS technology into their systems and prepaid cards for distribution at the Boost events and regionally.

As soon as the larger players in the Asia region begin to integrate Bitcoin payments Coinpip hopes to be perfectly positioned. The value proposition for merchants is so clear that, regulations permitting, it should only be a matter of time. No doubt Coinpip’s fierce product development and pioneering spirit will ensure these opportunities are realised.


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