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Bitcoin Fan Gets Tattoo of His Public Bitcoin Address

A man from Whidbey Island, Washington recently got his public bitcoin address tattooed to his forearm trying to get it done in time for the Superbowl. Nai sent me a message before heading to the tattoo studio.

“Hello BTC Mag, I had a great idea that just popped into my head, and I don’t know if it’s because of my medical marijuana kicking in or I just can’t stop thinking about bitcoin. My name is Nai Saephan and I live on Whidbey Island, a suburb I guess you can call it, located about an hour north of Seattle. I heard about bitcoins about 3 months ago and every breath I take and every walk I step I can’t get bitcoin out of my head. I have been trying to tell more and more people about bitcoin, but living on a island its kind of hard. Now don’t get me wrong, the island isn’t small by any means but here on the south end we don’t have fast food restaurants except a Dairy Queen that is exceptionally slow and takes about 10 minutes for 2 cheeseburgers and a drink. Our restaurants are pretty much closed by 9 pm and gas stations by 11. But there is a lot of money on this island to be spent on bitcoins.”

I suggested to him he may want to do a henna QR code, but he went through the tattoo and sent pictures. The tattoo parlor he chose was Bayside Tattoo, in Oak Harbor, WA.

I couldn’t get the QR to scan, but he was able to get a new business to take Bitcoins. Nai shot off this message after getting his tattoo.

“Haha so it’s done and I have a Bitcoin Qr code tattooed on my right forearm. I have tried to see if it would read yet, but it’s still kind of lumpy. Overall I am happy with the tattoo. Pictures don’t do it justice yet. I honestly don’t even care if it works or not. I did it to get the interest of bitcoin out there. And you know what, it worked already. On our return trip home my buddy took me to a new restaurant that just reopened in a new location, The Roaming Radish. We went inside and he showed the owners my new tattoo and that was their tipping point as my friend has been trying to talk them into accepting bitcoin since they reopened a few weeks ago at their new location. For them to see someone who embraces BTC so much that they got a QR code tattooed on their body meant that bitcoin is getting widespread and is legitimate.”

If you are in the Whidbey Island / Seattle area, feel free to go help the Roaming Radish set up Bitcoin payments if they haven’t already. If they have, head over and grab a meal with your Bitcoins.

Roaming Radish

5023 Harbor Hills Dr, Freeland, WA 98249

(360) 331-5939


Here’s Nai’s info in case you wanted to give him a pat on the back

Tattooed address: 1HDt5hfxYg9KathZcNz9B2QRGic8aeDUte

reddit username: Whidbeyislandshibe

 Displaying 1111.png

update: I changed the previous QR code at Nai’s request. Previous one and this one should both resolve to the address he provided (1HDt5hfxYg9KathZcNz9B2QRGic8aeDUte)



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  • lensgrabber

    man that would suck if it didn’t scan. I’d love to see some temporary tattoos with a custom qr code offered.

    • Ruben Alexander

      Yeah. I told Nai to do henna. He really wanted a tat! : )

      The same thinking goes with public addresses as they were designed to be temporary one use addresses.

  • Nai Saephan

    It doesn’t at the moment I am thinking due to the swelling but if it doesn’t it’s ok. When we took that picture is was within hours of the tattoo being completed. Who’s really gonna use my arm to send me btc anyways. I just want everyone to know what bitcoin is and with this tattoo and me putting this article out on my Facebook page, people that I know of that have never even heard of bitcoin are now talking about it. I even had a friend drop by this morning asking how we could buy some bitcoin today. So with that said, I think my tattoo idea is already working great and it’s only been a few hours since this ad was posted. Thank you to Ruben. Great job. Keep up the good work Bitcoin Magazine.

    • Guest

      if the tat don’t scan – you are far from the man

      if the tat scans legit – send him a bit

    • Rafael

      You are the dumbest person I’ve seen in a while. You get to know about something and three months later makes a tattoo of it. What the heck? I know you’ll go all like ” I do whatever I want to do”. I surely am aware of that. The point is, using your free will, you scored a high standard of stupidity.

  • truth teller

    Be honest. You care if it scans. It’s going to come up in every single discussion about your tattoo. You care.

  • Aussiehash

    Why is the listed tattooed address at the bottom of this article nothing like the tattoo ?

    • Ruben Alexander

      Depending on the way the QR code is generated it will look different. Some codes are made to have redundancy in case they are placed on an object where the environment will damage the code.

  • Nai Saephan

    Thank you so much for noticing that. I just sent them the correct qr code.

  • Tesla

    So cool! And stupid, but still cool. And brings responsibilities like dont loose the privkey. And use good RNG. I lost my 1TESLA1 vanity address due to RNG bug in android. Why is’nt yours vanity address btw?

  • Rick – STLcoin

    Very cool ! That’s dedication to movement.

  • Nikolay Belov

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