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Where to Spend Your Bitcoins

For those who have bought or earned their first supply of bitcoins, no matter how large or how small, the first question that often goes through people’s minds is: what can I do with them? The Bitcoin community focuses heavily on the various ways that users can mine, buy, sell, or invest their bitcoins, and it is easy to forget that one of the key purposes of any kind of currency is, ultimately, to be able to spend it. However, Bitcoin does have a substantial underlying economy with a growing number of merchants participating; BitPay alone has over four thousand merchants using their payment processing system, and many more use competing services or manage their own sales platforms. A long, but even still only partial, list can be found on the Trade section of the Bitcoin wiki, featuring businesses offering all kinds of products. Particularly interesting are the low-end offerings; one of the advantages of Bitcoin is that it makes it much easier than almost any other consumer e-commerce system to manage very small amounts of money, and so the Bitcoin community has a number of offerings that take less than a few dollars, or even cents, to get started. No matter how Bitcoin-wealthy or poor you happen to be, the following list will provide an overview of some of the things that you can do with your hard-earned digital cash.

$0.01 – $2.5

  • Bitcointip – the Bitcointip Reddit bot allows you to support your favorite contributors on Reddit by tipping them bitcoin. Once you create a Bitcointip account and send your bitcoins to the deposit address, all you need to do is reply to any post with something like “+bitcointip 0.05 BTC”, and the funds will immediately be transferred to the recipient’s account, from which they can then withdraw the bitcoins at any time. If the recipient does not yet have an account, an account will be created for him.
  • Rugatu – Rugatu is a Bitcoin-based paid question-and-answer board. If you have a question that you want answered and are willing to pay ten cents to a few dollars for an answer, simply submit it to Rugatu and deposit your bounty. Once someone provides an answer which you find satisfactory, you will be able to release the bounty to that user.
  • SatoshiDice – if none of the other options in this category satisfy you, you can always gamble for a chance at increasing your supply of bitcoins to a level where you can buy something more respectable. SatoshiDice offers a wide range of probability distributions, returns an average of 98.1% of what players send in, and requires no account to set up – just send bitcoins to one of its addresses, and perhaps you will receive an even larger sum back. See also: Satoshi Circle, Satoshi Roulette.
  • Coindl – the iTunes of the Bitcoin world, Coindl specializes in digital goods. On Coindl, you will be able to find a small but unique collection of songs for 0.001-0.089 BTC each, as well as books, games, art and software. If you do not have that much, some items are even available on a pay-what-you-want basis.

$2.5 – $15

  • Bitmit – the Bitcoin-based auction site has products listed for as little as two dollars, and is very easy to use. At the low price range, you will be able to buy electronics like USB keys and headphones, books and, in the digital goods, section, even one-month premium subscriptions to various online services.
  • Ogrr – if you spend a lot of time playing online games, Ogrr is a trading forum that allows you to buy and sell your in-game virtual goods for bitcoin. Ogrr has subforums for a large number of games, including Diablo, World of Warcraft and Runescape.
  • Bitcoin swag – if you want to show off your Bitcoin pride, there are many places that offer you the gear to do just that. BitcoinPride sells T-shirts, BTCTrinkets sells various pins and keychains and CryptoAnarchy offers a large variety of shirts, keychains, magnets and more for sale.
  • Bitcoin Magazine – what better thing is there to spend your bitcoins on than a copy of the Bitcoin Magazine? Each copy of the print edition is sold for $8.88, free shipping included, although if you are looking for past issues you can often find them bundled for even cheaper.
  • Reddit Gold – Reddit’s premium offering offers some extra features on top of the usual Reddit experience, and access for a month can be bought for $3.99
  • VPN services – for less than $10 worth of bitcoins, you will be able to buy a month or two of access to services like ExpressVPNMullvad, SecurityKiss, BolehVPN and, which allow you to route your internet traffic through them to bypass country-wide internet blocking (both Chinese-style censorship and even in some cases country restrictions on services like Hulu and Pandora) and protect your privacy. In fact, Bitcoin is the perfect currency to buy privacy-protecting VPN services; the privacy that it offers, especially when combined with mixing services like that integrated into’s wallet, ensures that when you are purchasing your anonymity you are anonymous to the provider as well. A more complete list of VPN options can be found here.
  • VPS and domain registration – if you are looking to start your business, one of the first things that you will need is a website, and that usually entails having a domain and a server to serve your website from. Fortunately, Namecheap, VPS6, BitVPS and many more exist to help you get just that – all payable with BTC.
  • OkCupid – it’s a common meme that computer nerds can never find love, but if you’re in that situation you are now one step closer to breaking the trend. OkCupid, a popular online dating site, is now accepting Bitcoin for its $10 per month premium service “A-list”, which offers a number of additional features including no advertising, filtering and better search options.

$15 – $100

  • File sharing – Bitcoin now lets you buy premium access to two of the world’s biggest names in online file sharing: Usenet and Mega. Usenet is the world’s oldest widely known internet discussion and file sharing service, with subdivisions called “newsgroups” for hundreds of different topics of discussion and files that are difficult to find anywhere else, and to Usenet can now be bought at Mega is a more traditional centralized file upload/download service created by Kim Dotcom, albeit with client-side encryption, and although Mega does have a limited tier of free service it also has multiple levels of premium access, which the officially endorsed sells for BTC.
  • Local businesses – a number of cities, particularly in the US and Europe, have at least one local restaurant that accepts Bitcoin. Going to such places offers benefits beyond just the food – it can also be a great way to meet other people who are part of the Bitcoin community.
  • Clothing – CryptoAnarchy, Bitmit, BitcoinPride and others all offer Bitcoin-branded clothing in the 1-2 BTC range, if you wish to take your enthusiasm for Bitcoin to a new, and much more visible, level.
  • Employment – ultimately, you do not even need a third party service to make your bitcoins worthwhile. Bitcoin is a free market composed of people around the world, and if you have a job that needs to be done, whether it’s art, translation or programming, just post it on any Bitcoin forum and you will quickly get people eager to work for your bitcoins so that they can spend them in turn.
  • Domain name hosting – if you want to set up an online presence for your business or even just have a personal website that you fully control, there are plenty of providers who will sell you a domain name for bitcoin. Some providers, like, are even willing to work with you if you wish to remain anonymous – something which is impossible for those providers that only accept credit cards.
  • Anything – many large merchants do not officially accept Bitcoin, but the Bitcoin community has come up with a collection of services that allow you to spend bitcoins with them nonetheless. The most popular is Bitspend, which has a form into which you can enter your shipping information and the product URL, which Bitspend’s staff then use to pay for the order with their credit card. There are also more specialized proxies available: BTCBuy offers Amazon, ThinkGeek, Sears, NewEgg, and Barnes and Noble cards from $10 to $350 in value, GamerKeys, which sells many popular PC games for bitcoins and Steambits, a proxy for the gaming service Steam.
  • Home accessories – there are many stores listed on the Trade section of the Bitcoin wiki which offer various electronics, tableware and home appliances, and a large selection of goods can be found on Bitmit as well.

$100 – $1000

  • Electronics – the Bitcoin Store, Bitmit, and many other sites offer both low-end and high-end, new and used computers, tablets and phones for sale at similar prices to what can be found elsewhere. The Bitcoin Store’s prices are in fact usually even cheaper than leading traditional retailers like Amazon and Newegg, often to the point that it can even be more efficient for those who who have never used Bitcoin before to buy bitcoins through an exchange just to immediately spend them at the Bitcoin Store rather than buying the equivalent goods elsewhere with a credit card.
  • Precious Metals – if you want to convert your bitcoins to precious metals, Amagi Metals or Coinabul is the place to go. Recognized even outside of the Bitcoin community for their reliability and ease of use, these two stores are the easiest way to buy gold and silver coins for BTC. Note that if you want to convert your gold or silver into bitcoins to spend on any of the other options in this chart, Coinabul can do that too. Aside from the bullion sellers, there is All Things Luxury, which offers a large collection of gold and silver jewellery.
  • Travel – if you’re travelling to any city around the world, you can avoid currency exchange difficulties by carrying over your money in the form of bitcoin instead. Several cities have bed-and-breakfasts and taxis that accept Bitcoin, and even for your everyday use, you can always make a deal on Localbitcoins to exchange your bitcoin for local currency when you get there. For those who prefer a more structured tour, Bitcoin-friendly travel companies and private tour guides also exist.
  • Rental – real estate companies such as Finextra in Germany and Fat Property in Houston are now allowing you to pay for rent in BTC, and artists, developers and entrepreneurs in San Fransisco may be interested in 20 Mission, a living community designed for startups.

$1000 and above

This page is, and will always be, a work in progress, and we would gladly welcome your ideas on what we can add. Your suggestion may appear in an upcoming issue of Bitcoin Magazine.

Thanks to everyone in the comments so far for your ideas!


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  • Kasper Guldmann Nielsen

    You might want to include
    They sell PC games at very competitive prices, and they accept Bitcoin.

  • tehace

    Great list!

  • Anon accept bitcoins too.

  • Bitcoin Money

    You missed some of the Bitcoin merchants that are killing it.  

    Anonymous VPNs.  These vendors were among the first Bitcoin merchants and each customer provides a monthly recurring revenue stream.  See the list in the Trade page on the Bitcoin wiki.

    Prepaid Wireless and Subscription Refills. and Tangible Cryptography’s CellCoin are the two largest so far.  Most every prepaid mobile top-up and monthly subscription refill program is sold.   So far, mostly U.S. providers but BitcoinWireless promises to add this same offering globally.

    And then there are bridges with fiat-based payment systems.  Bitcoins can be used to purchase MoneyPak, which in turn can be used to reload prepaid debit cards or to purchase gift codes.   And being able to convert Bitcoins to Dwolla USDs means that essentially every merchant who accepts Dwolla indirectly accepts bitcoins.    Here’s the Dwolla Spots directory:

    • Bitcoin Money

      Swiss Pharmacy (out of India, not Switzerland): 


  • Fabien Mousse

    And… what about art?

    • Vitalik Buterin

      Could you explain a bit more? I went to the site, and I can’t quite figure out what it is that you’re actually selling.

  • guest

    Sure they will miss a few names people, but instead of knocking them for not including everyone, praise them for developing this great list.

    • Vitalik Buterin

      Well, I did kind of explicitly ask for people to give their ideas on what we can add, so it’s all good :)

  • Zooko

    How could you leave out these deliciously comfortable Alpaca Socks?

     Then there is donating a little to this musician who made The Official Bitcoin Theme Song:

    • sunshineIQ

       I have two pairs of Alpaca socks. They are WONDERFUL. Just washed a used pair this morning – easy hand washing – I want them to last!

  • Zooko

    P.S. and I’ve been renting a virtual private server from and paying in Bitcoin every month. Works fine.

  • Floor Account

     Plus an online casino –


    Martial arts gear at

  • luistrenker

    http;// Backup Software for CD, DVD, Blu-Ray

  • ESB

    Also you can get jewelry and luxury goods for up to 75% off plus free shipping at All Things Luxury. They also sell Gold and Silver bullion. All items can be bought with bitcoins right on their site.

  • longhornbits

    For a new business that accepts BitCoin, how would they get it listed here?

    • Johan Dam

      By putting it in the comment sections or contacting the author would be my guess

  • ericools

    I would like to get my site added to the list if possible? Outdoor gear.

  • Micky

    I’ve bought from All Things Luxury a few times. They really should have their own section and not lumped under coinabul. They mainly sell jewelry.

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  • Dark One

    I saw another vpn that accepts bitcoin. Good privacy policy. no logging.

    • Krishan Hewavisenti Hewavisent is a virtual disposable desktop service that accepts bitcoin, in fact, seems there is no other way of paying

  • nestorgames is a board game publishing company that has more than 100 physical games in its catalog. It accepts Bitcoin payments.

  • Gareth

    I think my travel company might be the only agency to take bitcoin, we take bitcoin, can we be added?

    • Charles Holley

      Cool company you got there Gareth!! Best of luck.

  • Peter Aldred – Ethos Healthy are now accepting Bitcoins as payment for their healthy lifestyle, fitness and sports nutrition products.

  • Moto – UK Geocaching Supplies Specialist now accepting Bitcoin payment!

  • BitSpend

    You can now order ANYTHING from ANY website, and pay using your Bitcoins. Checkout :)

  • Reuben @ BolehVPN

    BolehVPN a VPN service company also accepts BitCoin with full integration

    No logs 😀

  • ellie yan

    I am impressed at the new and innovative ways in which we can now spend our Bitcoins but at the moment I am trying hard to accumulate Bitcoin as I have seen it going bullish now for a long time so want to jump in while I can still afford to buy some. Then later on I can spend it. I see a company BitBillions will be introducing a lot of new technology for the Bitcoin world at large..

  • Seedbox

    10% off all dedicated server and seedboxes purchased with Bitcoin

  • BitArt

    Here as well.. :)
    Advanced web development and design solutions
    (We accepting Bitcoins)

  • SecureCards
  • Lophi

    We’re trading 3D printed objects for bitcoin and litecoin at Please let us know what you think!

  • Twallace

    I’ve purchased a few items from

  • andrea

    I have an account but for the life of me i dont know how to get bitcoin in there! how in the hell does it work?

    • Johan Dam

      Think of your bitcoin wallet as your bank account. Others put money in there before you can spend it. So how do you get Bitcoins? Work for it (by bitmining) or buy it with another valuta. There are a couple of markets that sell bitcoins. If you want to ‘work for it’ with bitmining, know that this is a slow process (otherwise the market would probably crash)

  • Laidbackleon

    At we have been accepting Bitcoins for several years now. In fact we were the first Online store in Asia.

    We simply accept an order using our checkout as if we were getting cash, then we convert the order value to bitcoins, (using the bitcoin charts on that day).

    For security we generate a new address for each transaction, which we email to the buyer, (along with a screenshot of the charts). As soon as we receive the payment, we simply send the order as usual.

    I understand there are Bitcoin checkout systems available now, But I feel safer in the knowledge that I have complete control, and don’t have to pay for any third party applications. To Me that is what Bitcoins are about. 😉

  • Chris Bourbon

    I still do not get it. Okay, let’s take an example here: the guy “will pay you if your answer is satisfactory”. Are there not people who will never find your answer satisfactory just not to pay you. Same thing with the translation services, you may end up translating for free :-) By the way, those scams already exist :-)

  • Eero Tulppala

    Bitcoin niche items

  • Qbito offers the latest from Asus, HTC, Gigabyte, MSI and other Taiwan brand products direct from Taiwan with International / Global Shipping. Now we accept Bitcoin!

  • michel

    If you are looking for a vacation rental in the Balearic Islands we also accept Bitcoins

  • jono now accepts bitcoin payments. Get yourself a new wetsuit! we ship internationally

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  • Colin

    There’s also where you can buy actual quality pocket knives and damascus hunting knives for BTC

  • Uwe

    Bitcoins in Europe from licensed exchanger.

  • Jeffrey Timothy Valerie

    As much as I would love to join this currency market, I still cannot find where I can make the connection to buy my bitcoins, where I could go, what do I use. This still evades me.

  • cantonbecker

    How about actual books? This is (as far as I know) the first book publisher to accept bitcoin for payment: — They publish exceptional titles on psychedelics, ethnobotany, the biosphere… Books that “deepen our understanding of Earth’s living systems and the role of human culture within them”

  • CandleFOREX

    Did you know CandleFOREX accepts BitCoin for MetaTrader Programming services, as well as VPS/Cloud Server services.

  • beeker

    Treat your ass like Royalty. lmao!

  • Tariq Steward

    There is a new Bitcoin Merchant directory at Merchants can list themselves for free.

  • True Tobacco

    We operate an online tobacco store at and have now started accepting BitCoins as a form of payment

  • Richard VPN accepts Bitcoins with full integration as well. No limits, no logs no expensive pre-paid plans.

  • zaggle

    You can buy electronic cigarettes at with bitcoins Yea!

  • BitcoinExchange.Org

    For those of you that are aware of the digital currency Bitcoin: There has been an exploit that was discovered that utilizes a series of computers on an “isolated from the internet” back-network that participates in intercepting the data stream where the bitcoins are circulated/stored. The backnet of PC’s run a series of algorithms that have the net effect of doubling the bitcoin amount sent to certain addresses. This happens for BOTH receiver and sender to certain bitcoin rcv address programed into the algorithm.

    In other words you can double your bitcoins sent total in about 10-30 minutes (the time it takes the algorithm to run and the backnet pc’s to sync with the internet bitcoin datastream and finally your PC to also sync with the datastream (bitcoin calls it catchup) after which your amount sent should be returned two fold.

    The algorithm will only work with WHOLE numbers at this point in time. So the minimum amount you can double is: 1 bitcoin (not .1 or .01) You can send 1 or 10 or 32 but NOT 1.23 or 10.50! So ONLY whole amounts – no cents.

    This is working as of Nov 06 2013 and if you wish to double you can simply send any whole amount to bitcoin address:

    —> 1LY7SJT5p7pnNzdxSesAyXcTEHCanC1ac9 <—

    So 1 bitcoin = you get 2 back. 10=20, 23=46, 120=240, etc…
    You can use as many times as you wish for any whole amount. If you do not see your bitcoins comeback after about 45 min, make sure you are running MultiBit or Bitcoin-Qt and if not, get the latest version, install and let it sync. You will see your coins doubled!

    • Chad Bartlett

      It stopped doubling after I did it the 8th time. But I just closed out MultiBit let it sync and waited a couple of hours and I was able to continue doubling. I love it ! I hope they never discover this loop hole.

    • Mahagauri Dhingra

      Thanks for sharing. I sent 7 BTC and it only gave me back 6 extra instead of 7. But hey I guess that’s better than nothing.

  • Max Maxwell

    Please add – lots of types of Jerky sold for bitcoin!

  • Piotr

    I found very cheap VPS and dedicated server hosting for bitcoins .

  • Kristen Smith and now accepts bitcoins! Use our sites to improve your touch typing skills.

  • James

    Internet Brothers South Korea offers shared, VPs and Dedicated server with Bitcoin

  • NinjaCig

    BitCoin Electronic Cigarettes

  • Wapoa Fiyr

    I use Mediahub to use my BTC on advertising. They’re an ad network with some good global reach. They recently added Bitpay to start accepting bitcoin. You can check them out here:

  • Buy Bitcoins PayPal

    I’ve heard that Amazon and Ebay are launching their Bitcoins suport so soon and so as PayPal. If they bring bitcoins in eCommerce, there would be drastic change in Bitcoins prices right? However buying bitcoins currently can be a risk, thought is has lot of potential, its not trustworthy. Bitcoins is like Internet in 1990’s :) For more updates about Bitcoins buying guides, visit my blog now.

  • Liisa

    Jewelry brand Nouseva Myrsky is now accepting Bitcoins as payment.

    Their shop:

    Nouseva Myrsky is Finnish jewelry brand established in 2012.

  • Dan Hunter

    You can buy Flash carts, clone consoles and other accessories for Retro game consoles with bitcoin from

  • Cedric

    The After Hours Flowers is a 24 hour flower delivery service that now accepts Bitcoin!

  • Fortress Geek

    You can also add us ( for Canadian geeks

  • Damo

    Here are a few of mine; – gifts, furniture and appliances. – some of the best soap ever! – Seeds for bitcoin.

    There are a few others as well but these are my current favourite 3 :)


    We’re offering

  • glenn

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  • Pow Boom

    I love it!!!

    I just did my part and set my etsy up to accept bitcoin as well as a few others…


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  • Waldie

    Between 50% and 60% of all Bitcoin transactions coming from gambling. You can play with pennies, here are some websites;,, and

  • http://www.BritishPodcastStudios.Com BPStudios

    We are accepting Bitcoin as payment at British Podcast Studios in Bristol, South West Uk. You can find us at:



  • Sunshine Webcare is now accepting the Bitcoin (since December 2014). Check it out..

  • Thomas Waxx

    Please welcome to check my shop with exclusive mens shirts which You can pay by BITCOINS –

  • Jake Potts

    If you want to spend your bitcoins locally, check out Airtbitz’s local Bitcoin business directory.

    Also, Bitcoin Magazine just did a great write up on their mobile wallet.

  • Privatoria

    Here is also good post about services that accept bitcoins as an anonymous payment method

  • Marty Rogers also take Bitcoin. It’s a vape store! Not too many of them accept Bitcoin.

  • Aigle Regalos de Empresa

    You can buy promotional items using #bitcoin at our Shop