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The Censorship Resistant Issue

Bitcoin Magazine is proud to introduce The Censorship Resistant Issue, our Q2 print magazine release for 2022. This issue explores the censorship resistant quality of Bitcoin, holding it up to judge the journalists, the gatekeepers, the policy makers and the freedom fighters of recent memory. Our longest edition to date, Bitcoin Magazine asked our writers to think deeply on divisive subjects regarding free speech and the implications of unstoppable financial transactions. We now humbly ask our beloved subscribers to do the same.

The Censorship Resistant Issue is available at Barnes & Noble in the US and Indigo in Canada. You can purchase it now from our store online.

bitcoin magazine print issue q2 2022
bitcoin magazine q2 2022 letter from editors
bitcoin magazine censorship resistant issue

Table of Contents

Honk Honk HODL by Peter Chawaga - A post-mortem deconstruction of the Freedom Convoy movement in Ottawa, Canada.
Peter Chawaga is an editor at Bitcoin Magazine

Using Bitcoin Privately by Rijndael - A supplementary guide for using bitcoin privately and securely, complete with various protocols and strategies to help find the right method for you.
Rijndael (@rot13maxi) is an Internet Person working on Bitcoin tools.
Mark Goodwin reads, writes, edits and prints at Bitcoin Magazine. Designed by Reece.

The Russian Black Bag by Gabriel Gavin - The invasion of Ukraine has left the Russian people with no choice but to weather the storm.
Gabriel Gavin is a Russia-based, British journalist and writer covering Eurasian politics and culture.

The War on Dissent by Whitney Webb - An investigative take on the governments and corporations who fight against dissident speech.
Whitney Webb is a writer, researcher, journalist and founder of

Go, Hong Kong A photojournalistic look at the Hong Kong protests of 2019 with an excerpt from Alex Gladstein’s Freedom Go Up.
John Wu is a photographer and photo editor addressing every aspect of humanity.
Alex Gladstein is Chief Strategy Officer at the Human Rights Foundation

The Future Geopolitical Order and Bitcoin: An Initial Assessment by Matthew Pines - An academic dissection of the world market today, complete with a broad but detailed telling of the story so far, and a careful postulation of what could come when further risk is introduced into the dollar.
Matthew Pines is a Bitcoin Policy Institute fellow and government advisor striving to help policy-makers understand the implications of Bitcoin as an emerging technology for the benefit of the nation.

The Price of Principles by Dr. Bitcoin MD - A doctor’s look at the hippocratic oath in the COVID-era through the eyes of Plato’s Death.
Dr. Bitcoin MD is a former medical doctor and neuroscientist turned Bitcoiner.

Building the Public Square by Shinobi - Is an alternative system of identity just as important as an alternative system of money?
Shinobi is a pseudonymous Bitcoiner who has been deeply researching and learning about Bitcoin since 2013.

North Korean Defector Yeonmi Park: Bitcoin Is Freedom by Namcios - Bitcoin Magazine sits down with freedom fighter Yeonmi Park on growing up without freedom and how Bitcoin can deliver it to the world.
Namcios is a writer and reporter at Bitcoin Magazine covering relevant news and developments in Bitcoin.

The Financialization of Bitcoin by Eric Yakes - With a known history of seizure and censorship when banking with bitcoin, this article questions the legacy financial institutions that have long kept Bitcoin out of arm’s reach.
Eric Yakes came from the private equity industry and is a CFA charterholder turned bitcoin pleb and author of The 7th Property: Bitcoin and the Monetary Revolution.

Censorship, Dematerialization, and Bitcoin by Max Keiser - “Without Freaks, America Is Nothing” and why we need Bitcoin to bring free speech back to America and the free market of ideas.
Max Keiser is a bitcoin pioneer, cohost of the Orange Pill Podcast and Keiser Report, virtual currency inventor, cofounder, and former CEO of Hollywood Stock Exchange.

Pepe by Morry Kolman - The comprehensive history of the world’s most censored amphibian, Pepe the Frog.
Morry Kolman is an internet researcher, writer, and artist based in New York City.

Making Bitcoin Unstoppable by L0la L33tz - By understanding the Internet to be a network, this piece explains how the use of mesh networks can help bolster Bitcoin when internet service providers deny service.
L0la L33tz does not actually exist. You can reach her at the end of surveillance capitalism, PoBox 77, C72B 398B 7C04 8F04.

The Decentralized Spring by Jimmy Song - Within Bitcoin and its growing, layered ecosystem one can find true censorship-resistance in the coming decentralized season.
Jimmy Song is a Bitcoin developer, educator, author and entrepreneur.

Bitcoiner’s Travel Guide: Amsterdam by Dread - The Bitcoin Travel Guide stamps its passport in Amsterdam, using bitcoin to attend the largest Bitcoin meet-up in Europe on the 20th of April in the Venice of the North.
Dread is a Jamaican Bitcoiner with a passion for freedom and individual sovereignty. Dread educates people on Bitcoin and Lightning.

Here and Coding in Miami Beach by Anonymous - A redacted, photo-lined recap of Bitcoin 2022 from an anonymous contributor.
A sealed manilla envelope with no return address was delivered to the Bitcoin Magazine office with a manuscript and six rolls of film.

The Little Hodler by Lina Seiche - The Little HODLer is a bitcoiner like you and me, just trying to live his best life while watching the emergence of a new financial system.
Lina Seiche is Mommy of The Little HODLer and his little comics.

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