Kevin Cruz

I'm a curious renaissance man that loves to teach and learn. I write a lot and I'm intrigued by cryptocurrencies.

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Op-ed - Exclusive Interview with BitShares
Exclusive Interview with BitShares
Op-ed - Dreamcoin: Africa’s New Hope
Dreamcoin: Africa’s New Hope
Op-ed - Aegis Wallet’s Smartwatch Support
Aegis Wallet’s Smartwatch Support
Op-ed - The Truth Behind Truthcoin
The Truth Behind Truthcoin
Op-ed -! The New Marketplace! The New Marketplace
Op-ed - Q&A: Introducing
Q&A: Introducing
Op-ed - My Cryptolina Experience
My Cryptolina Experience
Op-ed - Pheeva: New Things on Horizon
Pheeva: New Things on Horizon
Op-ed - UltraCoin 101
UltraCoin 101
Op-ed - Introducing The Aegis Wallet
Introducing The Aegis Wallet
Op-ed - Pheeva: The Good iOS wallet
Pheeva: The Good iOS wallet