The Art of Bitcoin – An Interview with Pierre Bourque

Adoption & community - The Art of Bitcoin – An Interview with Pierre Bourque

Merging Bitcoin and art can be a difficult task, but for Pierre Bourque the task is creating art that aims to support the colorful and innovative Bitcoin community. Based in Ottawa, Canada, this artist has set out to construct art influenced by leaders throughout the crypto-community, and from this, help promote the growth of virtual currency.

Aside from artistic ability, Bourque hails himself as a news junky and internet pioneer, with an interest in Bitcoin, writing and racing. His eclectic interests show through in what he creates, and his portfolio includes currency, leaders, figures and abstract art. Pierre was recently introduced to Bitcoin, and has since composed related artwork like “Bitcoin Jesus,” which depicts Roger Ver and is currently available for purchase at BitPremier. In addition, Bourque has also designed Canada’s first legal Bitcoin stamp.

Bitcoin Magazine had a chance to interview artist Pierre Bourque, and gain insight into the individual behind the art.

Bitcoin Magazine: What sparked your interest in Bitcoin?

Pierre Bourque: I was introduced to Bitcoin summer 2013 by a friend who raved about the technological implications behind Bitcoin. The more I learned about Bitcoin, the more I wanted to learn more about Bitcoin.

I should add that I am not a technology guy, I’m more interested in the societal impact bitcoin will have.

And what’s fueling all of this is the incredibly unique sense of community spirit and enthusiasm wrapped around all things bitcoin. I really haven’t seen anything like it since the late 90’s era of the Internet. That uncompromising sense that anything and all is possible.

BM: Why did you choose art as your medium?

PB: I’ve been an artist forever using the various traditional tools of the medium: charcoal, oils, acrylics, photography, etc. and more recently digital tools like my MacBook Pro, iPhone, and artistic software.

The evolution of Bitcoin is being played out by a colourful and eclectic array of prophets, evangelists, and merchants. They deserve to be chronicled visually for both notoriety and posterity. Roger Ver is my first.

BM: Where did the idea for the Bitcoin stamp come from?

PB: Postage is the first international transmittal tool of value. It is today something that most anyone anywhere around the world can relate to. It is mainstream society. I wanted to stamp bitcoin onto society in this symbolic way. The cool thing is the bitcoin stamps I created are legit Canada Post stamps. A sign of things to come, I say.

BM: What has been the biggest challenge?

PB: Generally, talking to non-bitcoiners about bitcoin entails sifting through the various public failures bitcoin has suffered and continues to periodically endure. What I find striking is with the exception of a couple status-quo entrenched billionaires, nobody dismisses bitcoin out of hand. They mostly want to know more. Which is pretty cool.

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BM: Where do you see the future of virtual currencies?

PB: Virtual currency is here to stay and will become a bulwark of tomorrow’s society.

BM: How has Bitcoin changed the way you create?

PB: It has opened up the geographic and remunerative boundaries of my artistic marketplace. But it has inspired me to artistic exercise because of the incredible energy and optimism it represents.

BM: What are the benefits of using Bitcoin for both business and consumer?

PB: Once you trade your fear of the unknown for the fascination of the possible, you can embrace the ease of transmittal and diminishment of middleman.