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The Orange Party Issue

Bitcoin Magazine is proud to endorse The Orange Party Issue, our Fall 2022 print magazine release.. As Americans hit the ballots for their Midterm elections, The Orange Party Issue arrives to raise the appropriate light and ask the questions needed to further the discussion as Bitcoin and the political world intertwine, perhaps for good. Is the Liberal dream of financial equity achievable in the global access to an immutable, public ledger? Is the stable economic policy and savings technology available in Bitcoin not fully realizing the Conservative ideal of conservatism?

Bitcoin is every bit a tool capable of helping build an effective democracy as it is a demolisher of the rotted systems that no longer serve us. But is Bitcoin itself political? Should elected legislators help protect the working class by regulating fraudulent market conditions, or are we better off separating Money and State?

For those with us from the beginning, the Q3 issue signals the fulfillment of your annual subscription. For those who opted-in and paid with fiat, your subscription will automatically renew. For those who paid in bitcoin, or for those that have not yet subscribed, annual Bitcoin Magazine subscriptions can be purchased at

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Table of Contents

On the cover - The Money Maker - About Tom Badley: What is money? Money is love, fear, greed, life... money is the mirror of humanity. Tom Badley specializes in the graphic and print techniques that are the public-facing brand of our financial system.

Laser Eyed Politicians

Jarib Figueredo Wants To Bring Bitcoin As Legal Tender To Florida by Casey Carrillo - It appears that an acknowledgment of the political benefits of embracing bitcoin is occurring across America.

Casey Carrillo is an Associate Editor at Bitcoin Magazine with most of his writing and interviews revolving around the culture and current events of the Bitcoin industry.

The People’s Currency by Mike Cargile - In this age of uncertainty and upheaval, stability is the most precious asset of all.

A Family Man and the Republican Choice for California’s 35th District.

The New Libertarian Party by Mark Goodwin - Angela McArdle on leading the Libertarian Party, and the future of Bitcoin and our country.

Mark Goodwin holds bitcoin and is the director of print editorial at Bitcoin Magazine.

Stop Drinking the Elite’s Kool-Aid by President Nayib Bukele - The world financial institutions and Western Powers realize that if El Salvador succeeds, it will mark the beginning of the end of their global monetary influence, as other countries will follow suit.

Nayib Bukele is the 43rd President of El Salvador, former mayor of Nuevo Cuscatlán and San Salvador, and the first Bitcoin President.

It is Time to Re-Found the American Republic by Natalie Smolenski - The United States must re-found the institutions of our Republic on the principle that animated our early national spirit: liberty over domination.

Natalie Smolenski is an entrepreneur, business development leader, and anthropologist, writing and speaking about the intersections of identity, technology, and government. As Chair of the Board of the Texas Blockchain Council, Smolenski works to advance public policy friendly to Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

The Right to Hash Shall Not Be Infringed by Colin Harper - The Founding Fathers Didn’t Know It, But They Designed the US to be the Perfect Bitcoin Mining Hub.

Colin Harper is the head of content and research at Luxor Technologies, while writing for Bitcoin Magazine from time to time.

Buy the Numbers: Hashing the High by Joe Rodgers - Visualizing the Bitcoin network’s all-time hash rate high, brought to you by Hive Blockchain Technologies.

Joe Rodgers is the GM of print at Bitcoin Magazine and wants you to know the state hates you.

Memetics: Don’t Trend On Me by Morry Kolman - The history of the United States is a history of its political cartoons, even down to the idea of states being united.

Morry Kolman is an internet researcher, writer, and artist based in New York City.

Closed Source Money by Alyssa Hertig - How Bitcoin Evolves Without a Leader in Charge.

Alyssa Hertig is a programmer and journalist specializing in Bitcoin and the Lightning Network and is currently writing a book exploring the ins-and-outs of Bitcoin governance.

How Markets Mature Over Time by Jamie Catherwood - The transition from “Wild West” to key financial institutions began with disruptive technology and ended with much-needed regulation.

Jamie Catherwood is an Associate at O’Shaughnessy Asset Management, and enjoys sharing his passion for financial history with other investors.

The Degrowth of Bitcoin by Margot Paez - The adoption of bitcoin will turn people away from instant gratification consumerism, something bitcoiners colloquially refer to as high-time preference.

Margot Paez is a PhD candidate at the Georgia Institute of Technology and holds master’s degrees in physics and ethnomusicology, primarily interested in the intersection of Bitcoin mining and the energy grid.

The Political by Erik Cason - Politics in today’s world no longer has anything political about it, and how Bitcoin revives The Political.

Erik Cason is a Crypto-anarchist, cypherpunk, iconoclast, and makarismos.

The Chaffening by Aristophanes - Aristophanes wants people who think resisting the regime is "moving too slowly" to realize how much has changed in the last twenty-five years thanks to the internet.

Aristophanes is a terminally online suburban dad and veteran who reviews books in his spare time.

Overdose: Who is The Banana Republic Now, Biatch? by Max Keiser - “You cannot centralize power and adopt Bitcoin at the same time.”

Bitcoin pioneer, cohost of the MAX & STACY REPORT, virtual currency inventor, cofounder, and former CEO of Hollywood Stock Exchange.

The End of Monetary Hedonism by Jeff Deist - Those who view money as a political creation are prone to fundamental errors in the age of Monetary Hedonism.

Jeff Deist is president of the Mises Institute, where he serves as a writer, public speaker, and advocate for property, markets, and civil society.

How to Guide: Debunking ESG by Spencer Nichols - Those who decry Bitcoin’s use of energy fail to acknowledge that all things in life require energy, and there is no such thing as free lunch.

Spencer Nichols joined Bitcoin Magazine as a marketing specialist after working in environmental consulting and sees low-time preference as a necessary condition for a sustainable society.

House of Cards: A 10-High Rundown on Getting Flush by Mark Goodwin and Trevor Garcia - The incentive to act in bad faith towards your constituents is far too great when corporations can donate directly to campaign efforts, ensuring future government contracts, all the while enriching the net worth of everyone involved.

Mark Goodwin holds bitcoin and is the director of print editorial at Bitcoin Magazine. // Trevor Garcia is a Bitcoin Zoomer and analytics associate at Bitcoin Magazine.

Anarchy to @narchy by L0la L33tz - Whether socialist or capitalist, all Anarchists follow the same goal; the abolition of the state to give rise to a society purely based on voluntary interaction.

L0la L33tz does not actually exist. You can reach her at the end of surveillance capitalism, PoBox 77, C72B 398B 7C04 8F04.

The Stage Is Set by Beautyon - The stage is now set for Bitcoin to totally replace fiat online and offline as the main way people spend.

Beautyon is an educator, writer, entrepreneur and believer that Bitcoin Is and that is enough.


John Wu is a photographer and photo editor addressing every aspect of humanity.

The Little Hodler by Lina Seiche - The Little HODLer is a bitcoiner like you and me, just trying to live his best life while watching the emergence of a new financial system.

Lina Seiche is the Mommy of The Little HODLer and his little comics.

Meetup Calendar by Community - Bitcoin Magazine is excited to support local bitcoin meetups! Joining and regularly participating in your bitcoin community is a great way to accelerate hyperbitcoinization. Check out these great meetups and find one in your city!

A Fork In The Road by Jimmy Song - Politics is not a clean game, nor is it fair like Bitcoin, but it is a game that must be played if we want to secure our future.

Jimmy Song is a Bitcoin developer, educator, author and entrepreneur.