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Op-ed -! The New Marketplace

What if every time you used Amazon they gave you money, just for using it?

And what if eBay accepted multiple digital currencies as payment for goods listed on their site?

What a world it would be…

But Wait! The guys at! (the exclamation mark is part of the company name) are doing this right now, and they are putting the finishing touches on their marketplace.

I met the guys behind this exciting project and had a few questions that they gladly answered. Here’s the whole scoop on!

What is!?! is the world’s largest completely free to use online marketplace accepting more fiat and digital currencies than anywhere else. On! buyers and sellers of new and used goods and services can transact in fiat or just about any combination of digital currencies. For example, imagine I list a used digital camera to sell and I want to get paid in Darkcoin. You see the digital camera and decide you want it and you are going to pay in Dogecoin. With! this is possible, and you and I don’t even have to know what currency [we] were using.

Additionally, buyers and sellers on! actually get PAID to transact with our patent pending Ribbitcoin cash back rewards program. Every buyer and seller on the! Marketplace, and other participating marketplaces, receives Ribbitcoin cash back rewards for their transaction. The higher the value of the transaction the more Ribbitcoin rewards they will get. But Ribbitcoin is not just a rewards coin, it is a fully functional digital currency that can be used just [like] any other currency such as US dollars or Bitcoin. As our global ambassador team integrates other marketplaces worldwide into the Ribbitcoin rewards program, Ribbitcoin will become the first truly global universally accepted cash back reward program that can also be used as a currency. We like to think of! as the eBay you get paid to use, and Ribbitcoin as the PayPal of cash back rewards.! was formed when the three founders met in Nicaragua. They wanted to think of an easier way to get digital currencies, create a place where all digital currencies can actually be used as currency, and build in an incentivization scheme to jumpstart the idea. We saw a frog on the side of the road which inspired the frog theme for! and led to the birth of our mascot, Ribbit.

What helped create! and what is you guys’ professional background?

Greg Simon’s background is in banking and finance. Sean Dennis’ background is in real estate and retail. Levi Barker’s background is in technology. Each of our unique skill sets complement each other quite well.

What are you currently busy with?

We are very busy! We are currently hiring full time and part time team members. Our team is finishing off the final touches to the marketplace and the coin to make sure it is perfect for launch. We recently hired Adam Williams as our Chief Global Ambassador. Adam is working with us to build the global ambassador training program. This is a very important part of the! business model. Global Ambassadors will be responsible for reaching out to marketplaces around the world and integrating them into the Ribbitcoin rewards program. The compensation could be very lucrative. Anyone interested in joining please reach out to us – we need a lot of Global Ambassadors!

What is the vision!?

Our vision is simple: to create the world’s first universally accepted cash back reward coin that can also be used as currency and gives back to the community in the process, enabling positive social change.

“Giving back to the community is a very important part of the! experience,” concludes Greg. “5 of all Ribbitcoin reward coins will be given to charity. Each month the members of the! community will vote to decide which charities will receive the reward coins. The Ribbitcoin community is empowered with the decision. The more people use and save Ribbitcoin the more value will go to the charities they vote to support. We like to think of Ribbitcoin as the first money enabling compassion.“

Check out! right here.