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Bitcoin ATM Launches In Saskatoon

Bitcoin Solutions announced on May 3rd that it has launched Canada’s latest bitcoin ATM in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Press releases - Bitcoin ATM Launches In Saskatoon

Saskatoon, SK –Owner operated Bitcoin Solutions announced on May 3rd that it has launched Canada’s latest bitcoin ATM in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Bitcoin Solutions is based in Edmonton, AB, and is following their expansion plan to bring Bitcoin ATM’s across Western Canada. Their machine, manufactured by Ottawa-based BitAccess, is installed at Calories Restaurant, located at 721 Broadway Avenue. It is available to the public after 11 a.m.during the week and 10 a.m. on weekends.

About Bitcoin Solutions

Bitcoin Solutions is owned and operated by Adam O’Brien. The company aims to make Bitcoin as understood and accessible as traditional cash. To fulfill this mission, his company partners with plenty of retailers in Edmonton and now Saskatoon to establish Bitcoin as a method of payment. Bitcoin Solutions operates a Lamassu Bitcoin ATM in Edmonton, Alberta inside the Rose and Crown Pub at 10235 101st. The company’s launch of the Bitcoin ATMs both compels and facilitates the public to try the new, safe and convenient platform and use it in their everyday lives.

About BitAccess

BitAccess, founded in 2013, is an Ottawa-based start-up with local manufacturing facilities. The company currently employs 10 individuals and is growing quickly. BitAccess manufactures digital kiosks capable of converting fiat currencies, such as the Canadian Dollar, into digital currencies, and back into fiat currencies. Their latest model features the most advanced ID verification technology on the market, and it is the most physically secure model produced by BitAccess to date. The machine installed in Calories Restaurant is among the world’s first ATMs with a cash-recycler, and reduces the operational cost for the operator. Their innovations make the purchase of bitcoin instant, seamless and pain-free. The company has a customer base in 10 different countries across 4 continents. For more information on BitAccess, please visit


To learn more about these developments or if you would like to accept Bitcoin or would like to host an ATM operated by Bitcoin Solutions, please contact:

Adam O’Brien | President
Bitcoin Solutions
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