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On this episode of the "Bitcoin Magazine Podcast," CK sits down with Justin the Bitcoin Vegan. Justin is a leader of the Black Bitcoin Billionaires Podcast, an author and a Bitcoin educator. In this podcast CK explores Justin’s past and how he overcame growing up in poverty and going to prison, and how that turned into rising up as an entrepreneur with the ability to own his own future and build wealth by discovering Bitcoin. We have all heard the mantra that “Bitcoin changes you.” Justin is a perfect example of this as his life was drastically improved after learning about Bitcoin.

By discovering Bitcoin, Justin found that he not only had a new drive to succeed, but he had a tool that would help him build wealth and gain freedom. Justin reflected on how Bitcoin forced him to learn about money, and how the legacy system holds African American’s and former prisoners down. 

Bitcoin changed everything for him, and presents the opportunity to do the same for millions.

Please enjoy this inspiring and fascinating conversation with Justin the Bitcoin Vegan!