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NYC Based Launches Bitcoin Craigslist Competitor

Op-ed - NYC Based Launches Bitcoin Craigslist Competitor

NEW YORK CITY – April 9, 2014 –, a native Bitcoin person-to-person e-commerce platform, is beta launching in New York City on April 12, 2014. Corkket is making local transactions simpler and safer for individual sellers by implementing a natively built-in Bitcoin or USD escrow service.

Corkket’s beta launch will happen in New York City. Corkket will be in Union Square on April 12th from 10am to 7pm to hand out QR codes that people can redeem for milliBits. The first 1,000 users to sign up with the QR code will get a free milliBit, with two randomly selected individuals receiving a full Bitcoin.

Corkket is the first local online person-to-person marketplace to fully integrate Bitcoin-escrow based payment processing. The escrow service protects users from fraud and each transaction is secured with a custom QR code to prevent chargebacks. When you buy an item, your money is sent to Corkket’s escrow account and a QR code is sent to
your email. After the item is traded for the QR code, the seller scans the QR code to complete the transaction and get paid. There’s no need for buyers or sellers to personally carry cash or credit cards; the entire transaction happens within Corkket.

Corkket’s intuitive user interface optimizes for local searches. The items physically closest to your location are displayed first. This allows you to browse for what is in your building, on your block, or in your city to a high degree of accuracy. Customized personal profile pages allow local businesses to create Bitcoin-ready online storefronts with escrow services natively built in. Using responsive website methodologies, Corkket works natively with your desktop, smartphone or tablet, on iOS, Android, or Windows.

Corkket’s co-founders Tom Tang – CEO, YJ Dang – COO, and Angel Beale – CMO each have a Masters Degree from Yale, where they first met. They worked professionally as Web Developer, Architect, and Product Designer before deciding to make Corkket. They believe in making person-to-person local commerce easy, safe, and fast for everyday people. As longtime Bitcoin enthusiasts, they knew Bitcoin is ideally suited as a payment method for privacy and security conscious users.

For more information, contact 787-638-1400, BitMessage ID: BM-