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Op Ed

Op Ed: Are You Paying Taxes on Your 2019 Bitcoin Gains?

With the recent price rise, many bitcoin traders have incurred capital gains that need to be reported on year-end tax returns. But how?

Sep 9, 2019
Op Ed

Op Ed: Portugal Clarified Its Bitcoin Tax Code; Other Nations Should Take Note

“At the very least, the IRS should heed Portugal’s prudent policy and treat cryptocurrency transactions like typical currency transfers.”

Aug 29, 2019

IRS Sends Warnings to Crypto Investors Over Misreported Trades

Following a round of “soft notices” sent last month, the IRS is issuing a round of sterner warnings about accurate cryptocurrency tax filing.

Aug 15, 2019

The IRS Is Sending Bitcoin Investors Reminders to Pay Crypto Tax

The IRS is sending those who have conducted cryptocurrency transactions reminders to pay the requisite taxes.

Jul 26, 2019