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Holy DAO! Reflections on the $155 Million (And Growing) Autonomous Behemoth

Dao: A Distributed, Autonomous Corporation. (a Backgrounder Can Be Found Here.) Just More Than A Year Ago, As I Was Completing Work On Augur, A Couple Of Old Friends Proposed To Me A Crypto-Equity Crowdfunding Entity. It Would Be Structured Similar To “the Dao” Currently Being Flooded With Ether Right Now. I Was Skeptical, To Say The Least. This Is A Group Text I Received From Them A Few Days Ago. (edited For Clarity): “the Dao Was [our] Idea, And It’s Going To Put Your B**** Company Out Of ...

Erik Voorhees: Complying With BitLicense Would Have Made ShapeShift Hack Much Worse

The Recent Hacks At Shapeshift, A Sort Of Vending Machine For Altcoins, Has Been One Of The Biggest Stories In Bitcoin For The Past Few Weeks. Although The Hacks Were A Serious Hit To The Exchange, Ceo Erik Voorhees Claims Things Could Have Been Much Worse If The Startup Had Decided To Comply With Bitlicense Regulations In New York. Traditional Regulations Won’t Work Voorhees Was Recently On A Panel Related To Disruptive Bitcoin Companies At Consensus 2016. Ob1 Ceo Brian Hoffman, Blockstack ...

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