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Secure the Bag: Cutting Transactions in Half to Resolve Bitcoin Network Congestion

Bitcoin Core contributor Jeremy Rubin may have figured out how to reliably smooth out network congestion, increasing Bitcoin’s throughput in peak hours.

Oct 4, 2019
Op Ed

Op Ed: Want to Learn About Bitcoin? Try the Bitcoin Core PR Review Club

The Bitcoin Core PR review club meets weekly to onboard new contributors to Bitcoin Core by reviewing and testing pull requests.

Sep 26, 2019

Sure, the Bitcoin Price Flash Crashed, but Hash Rate Is Fine

With the bitcoin price and hash rate falling on the same day, many speculated that one caused the other. But the hash rate didn’t actually fall.

Sep 25, 2019
Adoption & Community

Discovering Bitcoin Part 7: The Missing Pieces

In the conclusion to the “Discovering Bitcoin” series, Giacomo Zucco explores concepts of unique chronology, mining fees and off-chain transactions.

Sep 22, 2019

Bitcoin Hashrate, SegWit Transactions Continue to Reach All-Time Highs

Bitcoin miners are producing a higher hashrate than ever as new hardware comes online, and SegWit is keeping pace — counting for 50 percent of total network activity.

Sep 16, 2019

Bitcoin Magazine’s Week in Review: Bitcoin in Focus

This week in bitcoin news saw another twist in the Craig Wright saga, LocalBitcoins move away from anonymous trading with new KYC/AML requirements and more.

Aug 31, 2019

Dr. Maxim Orlovsky on Storm and Bitcoin L2/L3 File Storage

Dr. Maxim Orlovsky talks about Storm, a system of incentivized file storage that’s built on top of the Lightning Network.

Aug 30, 2019
Adoption & Community

Bitcoin Magazine’s Week in Review: Gradual Improvements

8/21/19: Bitcoin Magazine’s Week in Review brings you the most critical, interesting and popular Bitcoin news from this week.

Aug 24, 2019

Video Interview: Carl Dong on Guix and Bitcoin Development

In this exclusive video interview, Bitcoin developer Carl Dong talks about the inspiration that he used in the process of coding Guix.

Aug 23, 2019

Miniscript: How Blockstream Engineers Are Making Bitcoin Programming Easy(er)

By stripping down the Script programming language to its bare essentials, Miniscript should make programming on Bitcoin easier and safer.

Aug 20, 2019

Bitcoin’s Growing UTXO Problem and How Utreexo Can Help Solve It

A hash-based accumulator called Utreexo could address one of Bitcoin’s scalability concerns.

Aug 19, 2019

Guix Makes Bitcoin Core Development More Trustless

Supporting deterministic and bootstrappable Bitcoin Core builds.

Aug 14, 2019
Adoption & Community

Bitcoin Magazine’s Week in Review: Security Takes Center Stage

8/10/19: Bitcoin Magazine’s Week in Review brings you the most critical, interesting and popular Bitcoin news from this week.

Aug 10, 2019

How the New Erlay Protocol Could Speed Up the Bitcoin Network

A forthcoming Bitcoin Improvement Proposal could greatly reduce the bandwidth required to run a full node.

Aug 9, 2019

With Stratum V2, Braiins Plans Big Overhaul in Pooled Bitcoin Mining

Announcing the second-generation mining pool protocol.

Aug 5, 2019

BitMEX Research Confirms Lightning ‘Justice’ Works

BitMEX Research has confirmed that the Lightning Network’s Justice Transactions system can effectively prevent cheating.

Jul 16, 2019

The “Noinput Class”: How a Bitcoin Soft Fork Could Simplify Lightning

A group of Bitcoin and Lightning developers working on a new class of “sighash flags” could simplify fallback for Lightning Network payments channels.

Jul 12, 2019

At Bitcoin 2019, Scientists Cited in White Paper Weigh In on the Future

During the Bitcoin 2019 conference, Adam Back and Scott Stornetta discussed their role in Bitcoin’s white paper and BTC’s future.

Jul 4, 2019

RSK Imagines ‘Decentralized Finance Systems’ Coming to Bitcoin

RSK is taking a crack at decentralized cloud storage, a move in line with its ambitions to bring DApps to the fore of the internet’s core infrastructure and services.

Jul 2, 2019

Statechains: Sending Keys, Not Coins, to Scale Bitcoin Off-Chain

Statechains, a new second-layer protocol, turns the concept of a Bitcoin transaction on its head.

Jun 14, 2019