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With the potential to guarantee mutual trust and a verifiable route to justice, blockchain technology is a powerful tool to fix the parity within politics and law. This space will cover the technology fighting against them.

Politics & Law

The Bank of England’s RSCoin: An Experiment for Central Banks or a Bitcoin Alternative?

This is a guest post by Leah Zitter. On February 21, 2016, the Bank of England reported that it had partnered with researchers at  University College in London to produce RSCoin, a digital currency designed for central bankers.  Sarah Meiklejohn and George Danezis, two students from University College, created RSCoin which, they announced, offered a […]

Mar 28, 2016
Politics & Law

Researchers Propose RSCoin, a Permissioned Blockchain Currency Controlled by Central Banks

In September Bitcoin Magazine reported that Andrew G. Haldane, chief economist at the Bank of England (BoE), hinted at the possibility that the U.K. government might issue a digital currency.  “What I think is now reasonably clear is that the distributed payment technology embodied in Bitcoin has real potential,” said Haldane. “Bitcoin’s ‘blockchain’ technology appears […]

Mar 14, 2016
Politics & Law

ANX CEO Ken Lo: Hong Kong’s New Budget Initiatives a “Step in the Right Direction”

It’s a good time to be involved in digital assets in Hong Kong. In the territory’s 2016-17 budget, Financial Secretary John Tsang laid out a plan for the government to support blockchain technology development by encouraging its application in financial services, including reducing suspicious transactions and bringing down transaction costs. The 2016-17 budget aims to […]

Mar 9, 2016
Politics & Law

Chainalysis Inks Bitcoin Analysis Deal With Europol, Irks Some Privacy Advocates

This is a guest post by Scott Dylan. Chainalysis signed an agreement with Europol on Friday that paves the way for the European law enforcement agency to use the New York-based company’s blockchain analytics tools to investigate criminals who use Bitcoin.  The deal between Europol and Chainalysis comes just days after news broke about a […]

Feb 23, 2016
Politics & Law

Bitnation Launches World’s First Blockchain-Based Virtual Nation Constitution

Bitnation, a blockchain-based “Governance 2.0” initiative with a collaborative platform for DIY governance, has launched its Decentralised Borderless Voluntary Nation (DBVN) Constitution using Ethereum, International Business Times reports.  The Bitnation Constitution was launched at a public event in Rio de Janeiro, hosted by Bitnation founder Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof and Alex Van de Sande, lead designer […]

Feb 19, 2016
Politics & Law

False Alarm: Why The Japanese Ruling May Not Spell Doom for Bitcoin Ownership Rights

This is a guest post by Drew Hinkes, an attorney at Berger Singerman. Drew is also frequently published and cited for his work on IT and technology-related issues, including virtual currencies, smart contracts, distributed ledger-based technologies, computer data security/breaches, and technology regulation. Tokyo District Court Judge Masumi Kurachi recently rejected a claim for relief brought […]

Aug 17, 2015
Politics & Law

Varoufakis Speaks Out Against Greek Bailout Agreement Reached by EU Leaders

Former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, who resigned after the Greek referendum on July 5 in a surprising move interpreted as a conciliatory move toward Greece’s creditors, gave his first interview after his resignation, and before the announcement of the deal between Greece and European Union (EU) leaders. Speaking to The New Statesman, Varoufakis expressed his disappointment with “the complete lack of […]

Jul 14, 2015
Politics & Law

Xapo Executives’ Attempt to Dismiss Lifelock Lawsuit Overruled

Earlier in June, billion-dollar security company LifeLock filed a lawsuit against Xapo that might jeopardize the ownership of Xapo’s bitcoin wallet technology. This week, Xapo executives, including founder Wences Casares, lost their bid to have the breach-of-contract lawsuit thrown out. California Superior Court Judge Peter Kirwan rejected the demurrer submitted by Xapo executives regarding the […]

Jul 14, 2015
Politics & Law

The Fear of Capital Controls May be Spreading from Greece to Italy

Yesterday, Bitcoin Magazine reported that Greece had closed its banks and imposed capital controls to prevent financial chaos after the breakdown of bailout talks with its international creditors. The decision came at the end of a weekend that brought Greece closer to “Grexit” – the potential exit from the Eurozone and perhaps the European Union […]

Jun 30, 2015
Politics & Law

Federal Reserve’s Bitcoin Policy Begins to Take Shape

On Friday, May 9th, 2014, the Federal Advisory Council and Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve met for their quarterly meeting in Washington D.C. This meeting was historically held in secrecy until Bloomberg News “won” a Freedom of Information Act request under the Freedom of Information Law requiring the Fed to make the meetings minutes available to the […]

May 19, 2014
Politics & Law

What Might Ulbricht’s Defense Mean for Charlie Shrem?

Ross Ulbricht, alleged Silk Road HBIC, is claiming that new federal bitcoin laws classifying bitcoin as assets and not money invalidate the money laundering charges he faces. In short, he argues that you can’t launder money if you’re not using it.Earlier this year, Robert Faiella, 52, and Charlie Shrem, 24, were arrested on federal money […]

Apr 5, 2014
Politics & Law

Price, Value and The “True” Worth of Bitcoin

The recent upward trend in the rate of exchange between Bitcoin and other currencies has many traders and techies debating the difference between “price” and “value” and wondering where it will finally settle. On December 5th, Bank of America’s foreign exchange strategist David Woo declared a projected market capitalization for Bitcoin of $15 billion and […]

Dec 6, 2013
Politics & Law

Germany Sets Standard for Bitcoin Regulation

All over the news in Germany last weekend was a reply by the German Ministry of Finance to an inquiry in parliament. The Ministry announces that Bitcoins are officially recognized. Some weeks ago already the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) amended a guidance to the definition of “financial instruments“ in the German Banking Code […]

Aug 19, 2013
Politics & Law

Bitcoin Usage for Political Donations Expands to Vermont

About a month ago, New Hampshire State Representative Mark Warden pushed forward the legitimacy of Bitcoin in two very significant ways. First, he was the first major political candidate to accept Bitcoin for political donations. This was a significant milestone, both because the regulations around political donations make utilizing Bitcoin a much greater challenge than […]

Oct 3, 2012