Learning Bitcoin

New to Bitcoin? Here’s a few articles on where you can learn the basics about why Bitcoin should be something you’re knowledgable about. Millions of people around the world are using Bitcoin as a way to protect, spend, and grow their money.

Bitcoin Glossary Of Terms
This guide provides the background of "sats," the smallest denomination of Bitcoin
What Are Sats?
This guide will walk you through all of the Lightning Network basics.
What Is The Lightning Network?
What do I need to know about Bitcoin KYC?
What Is KYC?
Guide - Is Bitcoin Legal?
Is Bitcoin Legal?
Guide - Bitcoin and Taxes
Bitcoin and Taxes
Guide - What Gives Bitcoin Value?
What Gives Bitcoin Value?
Guide - Who Created Bitcoin?
Who Created Bitcoin?
Guide - What is SegWit?
What Is SegWit?
Guide - What is a Blockchain?
What Is a Blockchain?
Guide - Can Bitcoin Scale?
Can Bitcoin Scale?
Guide - How to Get Bitcoin?
How to Get Bitcoin
Guide - What is Bitcoin?
What Is Bitcoin?