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The Ethereum blockchain is no stranger to high-level applications, dynamic change and dramatic developments. Here you will find the news necessary to make the most of the network.


Vitalik Buterin on His Long-Term Goals for Ethereum

Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin was recently interviewed on Babbage, a podcast by The Economist. Buterin shared his long-term goals for Ethereum, which is a public blockchain that allows developers to easily deploy decentralized applications. A Programming Language for Blockchains When asked what inspired him to create Ethereum, Buterin first talked about how Bitcoin originally sparked […]

May 4, 2016

Ethcore Raises Financing Round as First Venture Capital Funded Ethereum Startup

Ethereum startup Ethcore has raised $750,000 in a preliminary, pre-seed funding round led by Silicon Valley-based Blockchain Capital and Shanghai-based Fenbushi Capital.  Ethcore intends to further pursue the development of the Ethereum blockchain stack and assist partners who wish to innovate using the smart contract platform. The startup was also awarded a grant by the […]

Apr 22, 2016

Ukraine Government Plans to Trial Ethereum Blockchain-Based Election Platform

A group of Ukrainian officials signed a memorandum late last week to move multiple levels of elections to the Ethereum blockchain using E-vox, a platform developed by a group of companies including Ambisafe, Distributed Lab, and Kitsoft. The goal of this memorandum is to create “a decentralized, transparent and accessible system for group decisions making [sic] […]

Feb 16, 2016

Ethereum Overtakes Litecoin in Market Cap after Continued Upward Trend

On January 23, Ethereum overtook Litecoin for the first time to become the third-largest digital currency when looking at total coin market cap. This is after a two-week period where the Ethereum market cap has grown by more than 80 percent. The price of Ethereum is on an equally steep upward trend, growing more than […]

Jan 28, 2016

Genesis Mining Expands into Ethereum Mining with Year-Long Contracts

Cloud mining provider, Genesis Mining, is expanding its mining operations with the launch of Ether Cloud Mining contracts. For the first time, customers of Genesis Mining will be able to mine for Ether, the fuel that powers the Ethereum network.  “Our customers asked and we listened. Due to our large-scale GPU mining activities we are […]

Dec 16, 2015

Slock.it to Introduce Smart Locks Linked to Smart Ethereum Contracts, Decentralize the Sharing Economy

Smart contracts, a feature of “Bitcoin 2.0” technologies such as Ethereum, could soon operate on the Internet of Things (IoT), control objects in the physical world, and power a new decentralized version of the sharing economy, for example sharing services similar to Uber and Airbnb that operate in pure P2P mode without centralized management. Smart […]

Nov 5, 2015

Ethereum Network Continues Thawing Process in Anticipation of the Start of Trading

Ethereum is finishing its ‘Thawing’ phase, designed to help the network grow organically at a slow and steady pace. In a matter of hours, the network will be handling transactions and trading will begin. Ethereum CCO Stephen Tual published a new blog post asking miners are asked to update their clients. Tual published an update […]

Aug 6, 2015

Ethereum Project Opens Up New ‘Frontier’ for Developers

You could hear a pin drop at the recent Toronto DEC_TECH conference as Vitalik Buterin told a standing-room-only crowd about his remarkable journey to build Ethereum – a decentralized open source peer-to-peer web-based platform – that he calls “the foundational platform for everything.” Buterin has been called a “crypto-anarchist visionary,” and at the age of […]

Jul 28, 2015

New Grants Announced for Developers Working on Ethereum-based Projects

If you are a developer who is currently working on an Ethereum-based project, there could now be additional funding available to you. In a recent blog post, the Ethereum Foundation announced ÐΞVgrants (originally named ΞTHgrants): a program intended to support developers who are making significant contributions to the Ethereum ecosystem. According to the announcement, written […]

Apr 10, 2015

Web 3.0 – A Chat With Ethereum’s Gavin Wood

Six months ago Ethereum was an ambitious white paper committed to a thorough re-imagining of the ‘Bitcoin 2.0’ space. With a sincere desire to mould the blockchain in his own image Vitalik Buterin, our resident tech. wizz, penned the concept.Since inception the project has benefited from some key strategic partnerships and an unparalleled press onslaught. […]

Apr 25, 2014

Ethereum, Dapps, and the rise of a new Internet

Disclaimer: I am an active participant in the Ethereum project and part of the organization along with Vitalik Buterin and Mihai Alisie. If you aren’t yet hip to Ethereum, let me tell you just how excited I am for this project! I’ve never believed in the social value of altcoins, but Ethereum is something special, […]

Feb 3, 2014

Ethereum: A Next-Generation Cryptocurrency and Decentralized Application Platform

A cryptocurrency network that intends to be as generalized as possible, allowing anyone to create specialized applications on top for almost any purpose imaginable. The project: Ethereum.

Jan 24, 2014