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Blockchain technology, the power behind Bitcoin's distributed ledger, is applied in new ways every day. Our coverage presents these applications and their power to shape the world.


UBS Bank Is Experimenting with ‘Smart-Bonds’ Using the Bitcoin Blockchain

During his talk at IDX Derivatives Expo in London, Alex Batlin, Director in UBS’s technology innovation, research and development team shed some light on what the financial institution has been working on in their innovation lab: smart-bonds on the Bitcoin blockchain. International Financing Review Asia (IFR Asia) reported that the smart-bonds were described by Batlin […]

Jun 12, 2015

Bitcoin Alternative DNotes Launches World’s First Digital Currency Employee Incentive Benefits Plan

Chicago, Illinois. [May 25, 2015] – DNotes announces the release of their Employee Incentive Benefits Plan, the latest addition to their family of CRISPs (Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plans) that already provides an investment vehicle for Children, Students, and Retirement funds. The Employee Incentive Benefits Plan combines knowledge of the employer/employee relationship with macro-economic foresight to […]

May 26, 2015

A “Perfect Storm” Brewing for Bitcoin and Wall Street? Noble Markets & NASDAQ

As an asset class, Bitcoin has gained a lot of retail interest, but when it comes to the big money, institutional investors haven’t had the opportunity to really participate. But that’s not because Wall Street isn’t interested. “There is not a hedge fund or institutional investor that doesn’t have Bitcoin on their white board. They […]

Mar 24, 2015

The First Blockchain Wedding

In a step to decentralize the state’s authority to give a stamp of approval on love, David and Joyce Mondrous have gotten married on the blockchain. How did David get married on the blockchain? Those who attended the wedding were shown a QR code that linked to the transaction where the data associated with the […]

Oct 5, 2014

Symbiont Issues Securities on the Bitcoin Blockchain to Usher Capital Markets into the Blockchain Era

In June, Bitcoin Magazine reported that Symbiont had secured $1.25 million of seed funding from influential financial market leaders including Duncan Niederauer, former CEO of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).  Symbiont, a fintech company focused on fostering the symbiotic relationship between traditional financial markets and cryptographic blockchain technology, was founded in March by Counterparty and MathMoney f(x) founders to create […]

Aug 4, 2014