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Antpool Will Not Run SegWit Without Bitcoin Block Size Increase Hard Fork

Although There Has Been Some Serious, Public Drama Over Scaling In The Bitcoin Community For Over A Year, It Appears That The Community Is Mostly Unified Behind A Single Plan Going Forward, Which Is Based On The “bitcoin Roundtable Consensus.” There Are Still High-Profile Individuals, Such As Former Bitcoin Core Lead Maintainer Gavin Andresen And Longtime Bitcoin Angel Investor Roger Ver, Who Would Like To See An Increase In The Block Size Limit As Soon As Possible. Support For Bitcoin ...

Holy DAO! Reflections on the $155 Million (And Growing) Autonomous Behemoth

Dao: A Distributed, Autonomous Corporation. (a Backgrounder Can Be Found Here.) Just More Than A Year Ago, As I Was Completing Work On Augur, A Couple Of Old Friends Proposed To Me A Crypto-Equity Crowdfunding Entity. It Would Be Structured Similar To “the Dao” Currently Being Flooded With Ether Right Now. I Was Skeptical, To Say The Least. This Is A Group Text I Received From Them A Few Days Ago. (edited For Clarity): “the Dao Was [our] Idea, And It’s Going To Put Your B**** Company Out Of ...

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