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DARPA, NATO Looking at Military Applications of Blockchain Technology

Both The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (darpa) Of The U.s. Department Of Defense (dod) And Nato Have Put Out Requests For Military-Related Apps Built On Blockchain Technology, Quartz Reports. Darpa Wants To Leverage Blockchain Technology To Create A Secure Messaging Service. The Request For Proposals, Titled “secure Messaging Platform” And Listed Under The Small Business Innovation Research (sbir) Program, Targets A Messaging Platform Able To Transfer Messages Via A Secure ...

Deloitte Team Launches Custom Blockchain Solution Rubix Core

Earlier This Month, The Rubix By Deloitte Team Started Rolling Out Their Beta Product, Rubix Core, With An Early Release To A Group Of Selected Clients In Preparation For An Upcoming Broader Release. Founded In Toronto By Deloitte In 2014, Rubix Wants To Bring Start-Up Speed And Enterprise Reliability To The Blockchain Market, Bridging The Gap Between The Exponentially Innovative Nature Of Blockchain Technology And The Complexity Of Existing Enterprise System Environments. The Team Wants To ...

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