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Distributed: Trade Blockchain Hackathon Offers $25k in Prizes for Supply Chain and Finance Use Cases

Btc Media, The Parent Company Of Bitcoin Magazine, And Sixthirty Recently Announced A 24-Hour Blockchain Hackathon With $25,000 In Prize Money Will Take Place On June 12-13, 2016, A Day Before Their Distributed: Trade Conference, In St. Louis. Teams Competing In The Hackathon Are Tasked To Build Blockchain Applications That Optimize Financial Services And Supply Chain Operations And To Find Solutions To Problems In Payments, Supply Chain Management And Data Security. The Hackathon Is Being ...

Features From the Most Popular Altcoins Are Planned for Bitcoin

For Many People Involved With Bitcoin, Altcoins Are Nothing More Than Testnets. Hundreds Of Digital Currencies Are Currently Listed On Coincap.io, But Bitcoin Still Dominates 78 Percent Of The Market. In Total, There Are Only 10 Digital Currencies With A Current Market Cap Of $10 Million Or More. When Looking At The Most Popular Altcoins, It’s Easy To See That There Are Some Cryptocurrency Features That Are More Desirable Than Others. Many Have Said That Any Altcoin With Useful Features Will ...

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