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How Blockchain Technology Is Reinventing Global Trade Efficiency

This Article Orginally Appeared In The Distributed Ledger. The Business Of Moving Commercial Goods Around The Planet Represents Billions Of Dollars In Enterprise Revenue—as Well As Losses And Inefficiencies Resulting From Risk, Fraud Or Anachronistic Manual Paperwork Delays. The Good News Is That Few Sectors Are Poised To So Dramatically Benefit From The Advent Of Blockchain-Based Solutions. Given The Size Of The Investment Involved, Potential Efficiencies Stand To Be Monumental. After A ...

Sweatcoin Pays Brits Blockchain-Based Digital Currency to Get Fit

If You’ve Ever Needed An Incentive To Get Fit, A New App Launched In Britain Could Give You The Boost You Need. The New Fitness App For Apple Devices, Sweatcoin, Rewards Steps People Have Taken With Digital Currency, Which Can Be Used To Buy Goods And Services. The British-Made App By Co-Founders Oleg Fomenko, Anton Derlyatka, Danil Perushev And Egor Khmelev, Is The Latest Initiative In A Growing Fitness Economy That Features Monitoring Devices And Apps, Which Reward Peoples’ Fitness ...

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