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This is a promoted article provided by Unbanked.

Through the crypto-based banking platform Unbanked, traditional banking systems are integrated with revolutionary blockchain technology to deliver cutting-edge access to financial instruments to users all around the world, all made possible by Bitcoin.

Since its founding in 2018, Unbanked has striven to use the decentralized power of Bitcoin and blockchain technology to reach the hundreds of millions of people worldwide who are “unbanked,” those whose total assets and property, to the extent that they exist, are stored in reservoirs totally disconnected from the global banking system. This includes those who can only access services from smaller banks, whose regulations may fluctuate wildly from country to country and even within certain countries, as well as those who cannot access financial services that are more fully integrated into the broader world of money.

But what is the point of Bitcoin, if not to create a worldwide system of money, to revolutionize the way transactions are carried out by means of a radical decentralized vision?

As the co-founder and co-CEO of Unbanked, Ian Kane, explains, “Blockchain is the most efficient way in human history to transmit value, and it provides an opportunity for billions of people around the world who are not able to partake in the global financial ecosystem.”

Although this has been part of Unbanked’s strategy all along, Kane added that “more people are moving towards touchless payments in a post-COVID world. We provide tools and products that allow them to participate.”

Unbanked already offers banking access to users in over 200 countries and territories worldwide, and the company’s plans for the future include not only growing into a broader range of service areas, but also establishing a deeper level of adoption in the countries where it already operates. Espousing a firm belief that people have a right to control their economic destiny, and that social progress is massively aided by people worldwide having the ability to make such connections, Kane claimed that Unbanked is always working to give people “the on- and off-ramps to be able to use BTC like traditional fiat currency.”

“We provide FDIC-insured bank accounts for instantly converting in or out of crypto, as well as debit cards that allow people to deposit crypto and spend at 70 million merchants globally,” Kane said. “No matter where you are, Unbanked’s global bank accounts provide a crypto-friendly banking experience that empowers you with full flexibility and control of your currency. We’ll even aggregate buys of BTC across multiple platforms to ensure you’re getting the best rate available. You don’t have to do a thing except make the purchase. We’ll handle the rest.”

Unbanked provides a number of FDIC-backed bank accounts, that can be used to quickly execute a number of cash-to-crypto or crypto-to-cash conversions, allowing people to easily take Unbanked debit cards to a wide range of local vendors, or use bitcoin to directly access the decentralized economic frontier. Kane added that “the products enable instant remittance and the transfer of value on blockchain rails in a compliant and regulated market,” which is a use case particularly attractive to a wide range of people worldwide.

Summing up Unbanked attitudes toward bitcoin, Kane stated that “it's money you can't **** with.”

Blending traditional finance with cryptocurrency, Unbanked is able to significantly diversify the economic control that millions of users worldwide can exercise in their own daily lives. With the user range of the service only planning to expand dramatically in the near future, now is a great time to get started with