Vlad Costea

Vlad Costea

Vlad says that he's a political science graduate with a fascination for Bitcoin and free markets. His profs say he's a crazy anarchist who probably doesn't deserve his degrees. His parents say he's wasting his potential on a pipe dream.

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Hodl Hodl Kicks Off Liquidity Week

The peer-to-peer exchange will make extra efforts to help users buy and sell bitcoin in order to improve liquidity.

Vlad Costea
Aug 13, 2019

Bitcoin Is Now a Legal Form of Payment in New Zealand

A public ruling integrates crypto assets as legal and taxable forms of payment in New Zealand.

Vlad Costea
Aug 12, 2019

BitPiggys Helps Children Stack Satoshis and Learn Financial Responsibility

A fun way to teach savings, BitPiggys’ piggy banks hold an Opendime USB stick – and help kids learn the value of hodling their bitcoin.

Vlad Costea
Aug 5, 2019

Video Interview: Giacomo Zucco and RGB Tokens Built on Bitcoin

Italian maximalist Giacomo Zucco talks about BHB Network’s research on RGB tokens: a Layer 3 solution for colored coins on the Lightning Network.

Vlad Costea
Aug 1, 2019

Messaging via Blockstream’s Satellite: Lightning’s Killer App?

Hundreds of Lightning enthusiasts are already leveraging it.

Vlad Costea
Jul 29, 2019

Can Graphite Replace Google Drive and Google Docs?

With user-owned encryption keys and a system which keeps away unwanted intruders, Graphite offers more confidentiality than its mainstream rivals.

Vlad Costea
Jul 18, 2019

BitMEX Research Confirms Lightning ‘Justice’ Works

BitMEX Research has confirmed that the Lightning Network’s Justice Transactions system can effectively prevent cheating.

Vlad Costea
Jul 16, 2019

We Used Lightning Payments for Private SMS Messaging: Here’s How It Worked

Kriptode’s LNSMS.world and Receive SMS allow for quick and private text messaging through Lightning payments.

Vlad Costea
Jul 12, 2019

Playing on Layer 2: Satoshi’s Games Brings Lightning to the Next Level

Satoshi’s Games is here to integrate the Lightning Network into a multi-billion dollar industry.

Vlad Costea
Jul 8, 2019