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Dan Ashmore

Dan grew up in Ireland where he began working in the trad-fi sphere as a financial analyst. Eventually, he succumbed to Satoshi's call, quitting his job and moving to Colombia to analyse Bitcoin full-time. He works as an analyst/journalist combo for a range of companies in the space, including Invezz, CoinJournal & Forbes. He has also published a paper assessing Bitcoin’s fair price via a probability framework, and is currently writing a book analyzing the asset through a macroeconomic lens (while weaving in tales of his adventures in Latin America). 

Dan also works as a sports arbitrage trader, where he exploits pricing inefficiencies in the betting markets to generate risk-free trades. In his spare time, he is a keen poker player and a self-proclaimed prodigy at fantasy football, although results have not been going his way recently. Follow or DM him on Twitter @DanniiAshmore, where he is always open to chatting.