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Bitcoin Adoption in Latin American With Max Webster

Dave and Grahm sit down with Max Webster, co-founder of Entiende Bitcoin, to hear about Bitcoin adoption in Latin America.

Bitcoin Magazine
Jul 24, 2019

FATF Guidelines and What They Get Wrong About Bitcoin

In this episode, Dave and a guest discuss the new Financial Action Task Force guidelines and the difference between Facebook’s Libra and Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Magazine
Jul 5, 2019

Being John McAfee: A Bitcoin Magazine Podcast Interview

Dave and Grahm chat with the one and only John McAfee, who is currently living in exile in Cuba.

Bitcoin Magazine
Jul 3, 2019

Why Bitcoin’s Security Is Just Fine

In this episode, Dave and Grahm cover shadow banking, Binance’s U.S.-regulation-compliant spinoff company and welcome back recurring guest Dan Held.

Bitcoin Magazine
Jun 19, 2019

A Bitcoiner Weighs in on Hong Kong’s Anti-Extradition Protests

In this episode, the president of the Hong Kong Bitcoin Association speaks about the anti-extradition bill protests happening there.

Bitcoin Magazine
Jun 17, 2019

P2P Bitcoin Exchanges Still Hodl Hodling On

In this episode, Dave and Grahm cover the recent news and developments happening around peer-to-peer (p2p) bitcoin exchanges with Hodl Hodl’s Max Keidun.

Bitcoin Magazine
Jun 14, 2019

Speculating on Crypto’s $4.5 Million Lunch With Warren Buffett

In this episode, Dave, Grahm and Delphi Digital’s Tom Shaughnessy discuss Justin Sun’s winning charity bid for a lunch with Warren Buffett.

Bitcoin Magazine
Jun 11, 2019

Proof of Wrongs: Debunking ‘Faketoshi’ With Jameson Lopp

In this episode, Dave and Grahm sit down with Jameson Lopp to discuss his recent op-ed.

Bitcoin Magazine
Jun 5, 2019

Bullish on Bitcoin, Bearish on Trade Relations With Jeffrey Tucker

This week’s stories include mainstream media’s Bitcoin FOMO, the real story of Laszlo Hanyecz, Dutch authorities taking down Bestmixer, Tether being partially backed by bitcoin and what Libertarian politician Ron Paul thinks about the U.S. dollar. Also, the hosts interview Jeffery Tucker, editorial director of the American Institute of Economic Research, about how the U.S./China trade conflict might be affecting the bitcoin price.

Bitcoin Magazine
May 29, 2019

Infographic: An Overview of Compromised Bitcoin Exchange Events

Cryptocurrency exchanges offering bitcoin have a long and turbulent history of compromises, hacks and outright scams. This infographic has been designed to visualize this legacy in a way that shows each hack’s impact at the time relative to the others.

Bitcoin Magazine
May 24, 2019