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Andrew DeSantis

Andrew DeSantis

Andrew DeSantis is a Bitcoin early adopter, entrepreneur, and investor.

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The Rise of User-Monetized Actions: Bitcoin’s Killer Application

This article is an op-ed by Andrew DeSantis and the views expressed are those of the author. On January 9th, 2007 the world as we know know it was forever changed. Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs, took the stage at the Moscone Center in San Francisco and introduced the world to the iPhone. Nine years […]

Andrew DeSantis
Feb 8, 2016

Bitcoin and the Future of User Monetizable Data

Imagine a world where personal data isn’t just something that consumers give away – a world where terms of service agreements read more like shareholder agreements or term sheets, a world where your data makes you money. Earlier this week during a lecture on Bitcoin Engineering at Stanford University, CEO, Balaji S. Srinivasan, presented […]

Andrew DeSantis
Jan 28, 2016

Bitcoin Engineering Course at Stanford University Introduces Hands-on Approach with the 21 Bitcoin Computer

Dr. Balaji Srinivasan and Dr. Dan Boneh started their new course, “Bitcoin Engineering” at Stanford University on Monday, January 4th. The class is a companion to Stanford’s previous Bitcoin-related course, “Crypto Currencies, the Blockchain, and Smart Contracts.” About 85 percent of this quarter’s class will feature new material. The class gives you a sense of […]

Andrew DeSantis
Jan 7, 2016

Breaking: Failed Bitcoin Exchange Mt. Gox CEO Mark Karpeles Indicted for Embezzlement

Early reports indicate that the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office has indicted Mark Karpeles, the CEO of the collapsed bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox, with embezzlement. These formal charges follow months of allegations of fraud, which culminated in Karpele’s arrest by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. Karpeles was arrested on August 1st but had not been formally charged until today. Liquidations proceeding […]

Andrew DeSantis
Sep 11, 2015

itBit Raises $25 Million, Granted Charter by NYDFS to Operate Nationwide with FDIC Insurance

Today, international bitcoin exchange itBit announced it had been granted a trust charter by the New York Department of Financial Services (NYFDS) under New York State banking law. This is the first such charter granted to a digital currency company by the NYDFS. ItBit also announced the successful completion of a $25 million Series A […]

Andrew DeSantis
May 7, 2015

BitGo Launches Platform API Opening Its Bitcoin Security Infrastructure to the Masses

Earlier today, Palo Alto­ based Bitcoin security service provider BitGo announced the general availability of the BitGo Platform API, which will allow developers to fully leverage, for the first time ever, the enterprise ­grade security features of BitGo’s multi­sig HD wallet in their own applications The launch of this particular service stands to be a […]

Andrew DeSantis
Jan 30, 2015