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Adam Taha

Adam is an entrepreneur with two decades of experience in the government (U.S. State Department) and corporate finance. He is the founder and host of Amwal Network, the #1 Arabic Bitcoin show, which is focused on Bitcoin and Bitcoin's Lightning Network. He also worked for the Bramer Group in Washington DC as a senior policy advisor. 

Academically, Adam earned an MBA from Penn State University and a Master's in Cyber Forensics. Adam and his team at Amwal Network, are building the largest Arabic-language social media community that's focused on Bitcoin, Lightning Network, and Blockchain data analytics. Adam advocates for economic change in the US, Middle East, and the world via mass Bitcoin adoption and mass financial education. That’s because he truly believes that if people learn about the current fiat system, they’ll understand and pick Bitcoin. In addition, Adam and Amwal Network had the honor of being the first Arabic show to interview Michael Saylor, Max Keiser, Preston Pysh, and many others. Adam was recently hosted by the Bitcoin Magazine show on YouTube. He first learned about and invested in Bitcoin in 2014, then went all-in in 2018 and never looked back since. Adam is fluent in English and in Arabic. He currently lives in the Washington DC metro area with his wife and daughter.