Aaron van Wirdum

Aaron van Wirdum

Aaron van Wirdum is interested in technology and how it affects social and political structures. He has been covering Bitcoin since 2013, focusing on privacy, scalability and more. Hodls BTC.

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Everything You Need to Know about the Proposed Changes to the Bitcoin Block Size Cap

Bitcoin has entered into a new phase of its existence. Prominent developers Mike Hearn and Gavin Andresen have made changes to the alternative Bitcoin implementation Bitcoin XT, designed to fork Bitcoin’s blockchain in order to allow for bigger blocks. Bitcoin users and – in particular – miners are, therefore, faced with a choice. Will they […]

Aaron van Wirdum
Aug 22, 2015

‘Bitcoin is Teaching Realism to Libertarians’: An Interview With Old-School Cypherpunk Vinay Gupta

As an old-school cypherpunk in the 1990s and one of the most active members of the E-gold community before this centralized precursor of Bitcoin got shot down, futurologist Vinay Gupta has been involved with digital currency for over fifteen years. He has also worked with the United States Departement of Defence on disaster relief and […]

Aaron van Wirdum
Nov 5, 2014

‘The Bitcoin-technology by itself is worth nothing’; an interview with Dark Wallet front-man Amir Taaki

If Bitcoin has its enfant terrible, Amir Taaki is it. Living on a shoestring-budget in squats throughout Europe, Taaki is leading the anarchist Bitcoin-countermovement known as unSystem, has built the alternative Bitcoin-implementation Libbitcoin, and helped to invent the peer-to-peer marketplace DarkMarket (which is taken over and re-branded as OpenBazaar). He is currently best-known as the […]

Aaron van Wirdum
Oct 7, 2014

Bitcoin 2014: Building the Digital Payments-network (reflections on a million-dollar conference)

A Dutch version of this article originally appeared on Coincourant. “The reason I am so committed to Bitcoin and crypto, is that crypto can solve the problem that centralized organizations present to society.” Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne’s fiery opening speech at Bitcoin 2014 is geared straight at the libertarian spirit of Bitcoin-hardliners. In his philosophical […]

Aaron van Wirdum
Jun 2, 2014

Why Bitcoin Really Does Represent the Democratization of Money

Bitcoin is commonly regarded as a truly democratic form of money. Interestingly enough, however, there seem to be various explanations supporting this characterization. Furthermore, at least one of these interpretations have caused some to doubt whether Bitcoin does in fact still represent the democratization of money, or whether it has perhaps become susceptible to less […]

Aaron van Wirdum
Mar 18, 2014