Aaron van Wirdum

Aaron van Wirdum

Aaron van Wirdum is interested in technology and how it affects social and political structures. He has been covering Bitcoin since 2013, focusing on privacy, scalability and more. Hodls BTC.

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Bitcoin Core 0.19.0 Released: Here’s What’s New

The latest major release for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Core 0.19.0, includes a range of performance improvements, modernizations and bug fixes.

Aaron van Wirdum
Nov 24, 2019

SNICKER: How Alice and Bob Can Mix Bitcoin With No Interaction

SNICKER, a draft BIP, could allow for bitcoin mixing without any synchronization or interaction between users.

Aaron van Wirdum
Nov 14, 2019

‘Scam’ or Iteration — in Berlin, Bitcoin Diehards Still Believe in Lightning

At the Lightning Conference in Berlin, attendees and presenters were ready to tackle obstacles to Lightning adoption and celebrate its progress.

Aaron van Wirdum
Oct 25, 2019

ACINQ, Startup Behind Eclair Lightning Implementation, Raises $8M

ACINQ, the firm behind the eclair Lightning Network implementation, has held a successful series A funding round.

Aaron van Wirdum
Oct 8, 2019

Secure the Bag: Cutting Transactions in Half to Resolve Bitcoin Network Congestion

Bitcoin Core contributor Jeremy Rubin may have figured out how to reliably smooth out network congestion, increasing Bitcoin’s throughput in peak hours.

Aaron van Wirdum
Oct 4, 2019

Hardware Wallets Just Got a Bit More Secure With Trezor’s Shamir Backups

Shamir Backups, developed by Trezor’s SatoshiLabs, lets users split up their hardware wallet backup seeds.

Aaron van Wirdum
Sep 6, 2019

Chainalysis: Most Mixed Bitcoin Not Used for Illicit Purposes

Blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis has found that only a small fraction of coins sent to bitcoin mixers were previously used for illicit purposes.

Aaron van Wirdum
Aug 26, 2019

Miniscript: How Blockstream Engineers Are Making Bitcoin Programming Easy(er)

By stripping down the Script programming language to its bare essentials, Miniscript should make programming on Bitcoin easier and safer.

Aaron van Wirdum
Aug 20, 2019

With Stratum V2, Braiins Plans Big Overhaul in Pooled Bitcoin Mining

Announcing the second-generation mining pool protocol.

Aaron van Wirdum
Aug 5, 2019