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Cathy Reisenwitz

The Uber of Venture Capital: An Interview with Swarm Founder Joel Dietz

Swarm's concept has been generally written about here, and announced here. Joel Dietz is the founder of Swarm, which Entrepreneur Read more

Sir Richard Branson Wants a Transparent Cryptocurrency, But Will Customers?

The Endorsements Billionaire entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson, whose Virgin Galactic airlines was the first to accept bitcoins Read more

What Might Ulbricht’s Defense Mean for Charlie Shrem?

Ross Ulbricht, alleged Silk Road HBIC, is claiming that new federal bitcoin laws classifying bitcoin as assets and not money Read more

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Really Gets Bitcoin

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis recently held a “Dialog with the Fed” on bitcoin basics. The events are “designed Read more

Everyone Should Fetishize Innovation

Writing for the New Republic, Evgeny Morozov has written a brief critique of what he dubs America’s “innovation fetish.” Read more

Bitcoin’s Actual Privilege Problems

ThinkProgress has published a blistering critique of bitcoin called Bitcoin: By The Privileged, For The Privileged. It’s Read more

Do Cryptocurrencies Really Compete? Learning From VHS, Betamax, Netflix and Hulu

Competing cryptocurrencies have been in the news lately. This VICE Motherboard roundup is a good list of some of bitcoin’s Read more

Bay Area’s Leading Poverty-Fighters Recently Accepted Their First Bitcoin

The Bay Area's leading poverty-fighting organization recently accepted its first Bitcoin donation. Bart and Brad Stephens Read more

Can a Wearable Bitcoin Wallet Bring Cryptocurrency Into Meatspace?

Paying in Bitcoin already offers tons of advantages over credit cards. It’s by-default more secure, and on the internet Read more

Florida’s Bitcoin Sting Should Cast Doubt on Law Enforcement’s Priorities and Money Laundering Laws

Authorities in Miami recently arrested two men in what may be the first instance of citizens being charged under state law Read more

Bitcoin’s Impact On So-Called Social Issues

This morning, I awoke to an individual on Twitter letting me know, in no uncertain terms, that bitcoin and social issues Read more

CoinPool Combines a Bitcoin Directory With Free Classifieds and a Calendar

Calling itself the “first exclusive bitcoin portal,” features a directory of businesses who accept bitcoin, Read more

Wall Street Journal Debuts Dedicated Bitcoin Coverage

When a venerated institution such as The Wall Street Journal dedicates a new section to covering bitcoin, you know an idea Read more

Does Bitcoin Have an Image Problem? Three Reasons It Shouldn’t.

Last week TechCrunch delved into bitcoin’s image problem. Having followed bitcoin for the past year or so, I expected a Read more

Smart Property’s Promise for the Poor

Renting an apartment or buying a car requires an income and good credit. Getting a legal job generally requires a permanent Read more

Fed Banker Tries Criticizing Bitcoin, Ends Up Perfectly Describing The Fed

In an article for Fox News, senior economist Francois Velde of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago describes Bitcoin. "Although Read more
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