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World Cup 2014: Show Your Support with the Bitcoin Cup


         World Cup 2014: Show Your Support with the Bitcoin Cup

Millions around the globe have got World Cup Fever and one organization is bringing a novel idea to spread the word about the advantages of Bitcoin. Aptly named the Bitcoin Cup (or BitCup), the organization is focused on using the global appeal of the digital currency to help local communities and charities, demonstrating the usability and simplicity of the emerging technology. Sponsored by BitPay, the Bitcoin Donation Cup is bringing together some of the most well-known companies in the Bitcoin community and making it possible to utilize bitcoin to support a variety of charitable programs as well as local communities throughout Brazil.

The Bitcoin Cup is giving individuals and businesses the opportunity to show their support in a way no other charitable organization can. There are currently a large number of larger charities that come under fire for spending less on their actual charitable activities than the money spent on hiring fundraising experts and administration. With Bitcoin, however, the benefiting charities and individuals from the Bitcoin Donation Cup will be able to benefit from its real-life uses and bring their efforts to the global stage through one of the largest sporting events.

There are more than ten bitcoin companies from regions including the United States, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico that have come together to sponsor the Bitcoin Cup and bring its mission to a higher level, including BitGive, BitPay, Xapo, Unisend, Mercado Bitcoin, Bitso, MexBT, ALTIS and our very own Bitcoin Magazine. To drive the excitement even further, there are also local organizations like the Columbia Bitcoin Foundation and the Fundacion Bitcoin de Argentina that are also playing a large role in the success of the Bitcoin Cup.

Bringing out the best in the community

In the spirit of the World Cup, all donations to the Bitcoin Cup will benefit both fans and charitable organizations. Seventy percent of each donation will be sent to a participating charity, while the remaining thirty percent will be used to support fans helping the cause, by helping pay for food, lodging and travel. The mission officially made its debut in Brazil last week and has since brought out the best in the bitcoin community, bringing businesses, individuals and countries together.

After making a donation, every user is able to track their donations in real time, thanks to the open nature of Bitcoin. It is truly a community effort, as all charities are selected by participants in the donation drive and BitPay is providing the support for each charitable organization to provide payment processing. In addition, BitGive is also participating and collecting donations for its variety of fundraising efforts around the world.

Getting Involved

People can get involved in the Bitcoin Cup in three different ways. First, there are a number of bars and restaurants around the world that are holding Bitcoin-specific World Cup celebrations. If you are lucky enough to be at one of these locations in Brazil, you may have the chance to meet Mr. Bitcoin. Another way to get involved is to simply make a donation to the Bitcoin Cup. Lastly, there is also a poster contest that is running throughout the World Cup where individuals can design a poster and get rewarded in Bitcoin (between 0.2 to 0.5 BTC) if their design gains significant coverage on television and social media platforms.

To get involved in the Bitcoin Cup visit


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