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With MoonRekt, You Can “Play” Bitcoin Price Action

With MoonRekt, You Can “Play” Bitcoin Price Action

The crypto price prediction game has announced the addition of bitcoin as an option on its platform.

Hxro, the company behind the crypto price prediction game MoonRekt, has announced an update to the platform that expands its wager offerings by adding bitcoin.

The gaming startup announced that MoonRekt will now allow players to play with and get paid in bitcoin, per a press release. The game lets people “play” bitcoin price action in five-minute windows, with social interaction in chat rooms and “sentiment multipliers” helping their scores.

“Expanding our platform to accept Bitcoin was always part of the plan,” Dan Gunsberg, CEO and co-founder of Hxro, noted in the release. “Our goal is to eventually become the preeminent alternative venue for playing cryptocurrencies, and we expect to add additional token protocols as demand for them reaches a critical mass.”

The release added that Hxro has over 37,000 registered users across almost 170 countries. The company has also revealed plans to launch MUHBAGS, a game which will simulate the construction of crypto portfolios. Per a company representative, players will compete as “fantasy traders.”