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This week on Decentral Talk Live


         This week on Decentral Talk Live

Decentral Talk Live will cover a diverse array of topics. Co-hosts Anthony Di Iorio and Ethan Wilding prepare us for a decentralized road-trip with Steve Coast, founder of OpenStreetMaps. OSM is a free and open map-data project that is updated through the collaborative efforts of its decentralized users. Viewers will find out more about how to become part of this robust and fast-growing project.

Among the users of OpenStreetMaps is the Digital Humanitarian Network. Patrick Meier of DHN beams in to the DTL studio to talk about the role of digital networks in the delivery of 21st century humanitarian response. He will discuss the interface between formal, professional humanitarian organizations and informal, yet skilled-and-agile, volunteer & technical networks.

ChangeTip has been making headlines lately with its community engaging efforts to spread bitcoin among hard-core crypto believers and neophytes alike. CEO Nick Sullivan joins DTL to give more insight into the recent tipping phenomenon and to answer questions sent in by the community.

Similarly, Vinny Lingham, CEO and Co-founder of Gyft, also makes an appearance, answering community- generated questions about this popular site that allows bitcoiners buy, send and redeem eGift cards from a large assortment of popular vendors.

Decentral Talk Live airs new episodes daily from Monday to Friday at 3:00 pm EST on


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