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A Tutorial on Trading with Coinarch


         A Tutorial on Trading with Coinarch

One of the great things about Bitcoin is that is opens up a reason to learn about things I am not normally exposed to. I have never tried investing beyond buying bitcoin, but I have been hearing about trading for a while. When I got the chance to learn about it firsthand with Jeremy from Coinarch, I was pretty surprised at how easy it was. I definitely don’t trade much, just $20 or so every few days, but it has been an interesting exercise, and I now enjoy asking trader friends for tips. No one has really given me anything golden, and I am not leaving music to take up a career on Wall Street, but it’s fun nonetheless! Maybe one day I will learn what those candles mean, but this is good for now. Check it out in the video for a step-by-step of how to long, short, and hold bitcoin to make a profit (or a loss!) in this volatile market.


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