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January 24, 2014
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TigerDirect accepts Bitcoin

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Sign up for the Newsletter has announced that it has chosen to accept Bitcoin payments. When I see this news, I immediately think of the miners that are supporting lower difficulty cryptocoins or Scrypt based coins. Now they will be able to upgrade their gear with Bitcoins. This is also great news for those who build their own computers or buy electronics on a regular basis. Here’s a snippet of their press release.

After several months of reviewing the options for processing Bitcoin, TigerDirect has chosen BitPay to provide its customers the most reliable means of transacting Bitcoin payments on their website.  
TigerDirect will not only accept the digital currency as payment, but will also sell the computer components used to mine the currency as well.  We’ve partnered with AMD to build the largest assortment of mining graphic cards from Sapphire, MSI, VisionTek, Diamond and XFX in the industry.
Customers will be able to utilize Bitcoin as payment on both the desktop and mobile websites.

You really get a sense of enthusiasm when you visit and see their background displaying Bitcoins showering down from the sky. Clicking the “learn more” button takes you to an informative page about Bitcoin, the standard “What is Bitcoin” video, and in the url you see they’ve labeled this campaign Bitcoin Takeover.

In any case,, welcome to the Bitcoin community.