Teaching Bitcoin in Schools – The Bitcoin Academy


         Teaching Bitcoin in Schools – The Bitcoin Academy

Are you raising a future Bitcoiner? A new startup has just surfaced with one vision: to educate our children about Bitcoin. How will this happen, you ask? That is where The Bitcoin Academy and Bitcoin Bootcamp come in. The idea is very simple and will allow students of all ages to learn about Bitcoin and Cryptography in both the classroom and online.According to founder Morgan Rockwell, “The Bitcoin Academy has a goal of creating a network of classrooms online & in the real world including real dedicated classrooms in major cities around the world. We will organize business clubs and foundations, meetups and conferences, seminars and hangouts, all dedicated to teaching the world of Crypto Currency and Bitcoin as a new means of mathematical & financial expression and freedom.”“There are actually two businesses, The Bitcoin Academy and Bitcoin Bootcamp. The vision for these began when I started thinking about how to introduce Bitcoin to the brick and mortar world. I started creating devices that are open source in both hardware and software that could make a machine accept Bitcoin. I feel that The Bitcoin Academy is a priority to all Bitcoin supporters. I feel there is a missing aspect of education that teaches kids the benefits and how to use Bitcoin. We need to get back to teaching kids math and science again.”This exciting idea focuses on partnering with schools around the nation. It will start by creating classes dedicated to Bitcoin and crypto currency, then will partner with a school who adds the class to their curriculum. The first classes are planned to be held in Portland, Oregon schools by contacting and partnering with district trustees in the area. The Bitcoin Academy will focus on partnering with schools K-12 while Bitcoin Bootcamp will focus on adopting classes into private schools. The adoption of The Bitcoin Academy curriculum in a single school will allow them to create similar classes in other schools around the nation, and the curriculum will increase as the number of supporting schools increases.Although The Bitcoin Academy is certainly in the early stages, there is no question that the instruction of Bitcoin and crypto currency in schools would be a huge breakthrough for the Bitcoin community. This idea will require teachers, volunteers, the support of schools, and support from individuals. Currently The Bitcoin Academy has a few volunteer teachers and is receiving resumes from teachers interested in teaching at the school. In the future, Morgan hopes The Bitcoin Academy and Bitcoin Bootcamp will be franchised throughout the nation. “All of this takes money, or better yet Bitcoin.”

The Bitcoin Academy is accepting donations to help make the idea a reality. The donations made will go to creating an entire curriculum and providing students with necessary ‘school supplies’ (mining hardware, labs, networks, computers, etc.) while bringing insight into the evolving world of money, computers, and business. “The goal is to have the facility and business completely set up before the end of the year.”  This will all occur in a school setting and will be open to any student.

“The Bitcoin Academy provides a stepping stone for our students to reach the future they envision.”

All donations to The Bitcoin Academy can be made at The Bitcoin Academy website, GoFundMe, or by using Bitcoin Starter.



Morgan also founded Bitcoin Kinetics and created the first washing machine to accept Bitcoin. 


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