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Synergetic Press: First Publisher to Accept Bitcoin


         Synergetic Press: First Publisher to Accept Bitcoin

As a greater number of brick and mortar businesses are embracing the Bitcoin currency, so have larger companies and most recently Synergetic Press. Synergetic Press officially began accepting the Bitcoin currency through BitPay Inc, the lead Bitcoin payment processor, and made an official announcement and promotional rate. Known as an independent publisher with offices in London, England and Santa Fe, New Mexico, Synergetic Press facilitates the spread of a wide array of texts ranging from scientific works to biographies, to personal recollections, to an eclectic mix of texts. Embracing Bitcoin is in keeping with its mission, “to better understand the world and our place within it,” as Bitcoin is a digital, decentralized, peer-to-peer international currency.

On Friday, July 19, Synergetic Press posted the following press release on their site:

Now Accepting Bitcoin

July 19, 2013

For our readers who are familiar with Bitcoin digital currency, we’re pleased to announce that Synergetic Press is (as far as we know) the first publisher to accept Bitcoin as payment (in addition to Visa, MC, PayPal, etc.)

Bitcoin is the world’s first fully decentralized, peer-to-peer (p2p) virtual currency. It allows users to make anonymous and untraceable cash transactions anywhere in the world without any sort of real-world intermediary. So unlike PayPal and other online se0rvices, it can’t be squeezed in the same way by governments or other control agents. (

To purchase our books with Bitcoin, just select the “Pay Using Bitcoin” option during checkout. Orders for 5 or more books quality for fast FREE shipping, anywhere in the world.

With over 27 authors and a wide array of texts, Synergetic Press “challenges readers to want more for themselves and their planet and to rise to their fullest potential as mindful individuals.” The fundamental principles of the Bitcoin currency closely align with the goals of Synergetic Press. Bitcoin, as a decentralized, digital currency provides individuals with a greater level of control over finances and additionally promotes a global interconnected community with one scan of a QR code. As the Bitcoin currency continues to grow in prominence, a greater number of merchants and customers are now connected through to date, the most expedient method of payment. As Synergetic Press thrives on the commitment of, “expanding human knowledge,” Bitcoin does just that. While continually developing in utility and expediency, the Bitcoin currency offers endless learning opportunities for developers and individuals who are just seeking a deeper understanding of the inner workings of a digital currency.

Just as Synergetic Press has successfully worked with a variety of authors to present a wide array of intuitive literary works, the Bitcoin currency is fueled by creative minds seeking to promote an expedient, global, and decentralized system of peer-to-peer interactions. Of course, it is always exciting to learn of new businesses embracing the Bitcoin currency, but especially when those businesses exemplify key principles of the Bitcoin currency and community. We are confident that Synergetic Press will serve as the first of many publishing companies to accept payment in the Bitcoin currency.


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