Ruben Alexander

Ruben Alexander

The Bitcoin community has shown me that nothing can stop a group of people who are passionate in their beliefs. In our case, we believe everyone in the world deserves the right to financial freedom. My goal is to make sure everyone can see that this Bitcoin movement has the power to change the world for the better through every story we publish. Before working with Bitcoin Magazine I was involved in freelance writing, illustration, renders, making electronic music, and 3d print designs ( I'm also a married dude and a father of 2 who loves to have fun with his family, cook, and travel. Contact me by shooting a message to: ruben [at]

April 16, 2014
Adoption & Community

Survey Says: Bitcoin Magazine is Considering Categories

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Bitcoin Magazine is currently considering breaking up the magazine into categories. The motivation for this is a desire for our readers to know what section they are in without looking at the table of contents. We also want to group similar stories near each other and possibly color code our sections to assist in automaticity while navigating through the magazine. We also want these sections to reflect our readers favorite areas of interest, and hope this poll will help us as we consider using categories/sections to group magazine content.

If you want to suggest a different category please enter it in the comments or email