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As a vocalist and a former member of several a cappella groups, I could not be more delighted to learn that is now accepting donations in Bitcoin! The A Cappella Education Initiative recently received attention in the Huffington Post. The A Cappella Education Initiative aims to bringing music education to everyone. Support A Cappella specifically emphasizes,”everyone learns everything, and everything is free.”

A Cappella, similar to Bitcoin, is based on ingenuity and freedom of expression. Additionally, in most a cappella groups, many individuals take leadership roles and there may not even be one conductor. Bitcoin is similar in that it is fully decentralized without a single point of control of failure. A cappella music is also not dependent on a piano and accompaniment as Bitcoin is not dependent on a centralized bank. With many parallels, it is great to see a lead a cappella supporting non-profit now accepting Bitcoin.

By and large, Bitcoin is presenting more benefits than not to nonprofit and charitable organizations. What a better way to bring in donations than with Bitcoin: the most expedient payment method. Additionally, Bitcoin provides an opportunity for organizations to experience automatic growth in value as the price of Bitcoin continues to rise. Think about it… a donation made in May of this year … say of 1 BTC, would be valued at 1,000USD today, whereas it was first valued at 100USD. What an asset to charitable organizations!

Other organizations that are taking the lead in the charitable space are Sean’s Outpost and additionally the BitGive Foundation. Sean’s Outpost, created by Jason King, seeks to collect donations to feed the homeless in Pensacola, FL and additionally provide awareness of the needs of individuals around the world. BitGive, similarly, seeks to help the vulnerable and just yesterday participated in Bitcoin Black Friday to seek donationsfor Philippines Typhoon Haiyan Children’s Relief Fund.

If an organization is looking to incentivize individuals to donate to worthy causes and also provide convenience of transaction when donating, Bitcoin is certainly the solution. My hope is that in the coming days and year, an increased number of charitable organizations will accept Bitcoin as a form of payment and even send relief to those in need via the Bitcoin currency. Through Bitcoin, an organization can send funds ANYWHERE in the world to ANYONE with internet connection simply via the scan of a QR code or click of a mouse.


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