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P2P Bitcoin Exchanges Still Hodl Hodling On

P2P Bitcoin Exchanges Still Hodl Hodling On

Let's talk bitcoin - Introducing the Bitcoin Magazine Podcast

In this episode, Dave and Grahm cover the recent news and developments happening around peer-to-peer (p2p) bitcoin exchanges. They talk with Hodl Hodl’s Max Keidun about LocalBitcoins, regulatory uncertainty, predictions and different kinds of p2p exchanges.



Paxful and AirTm Partner to Increase Bitcoin Adoption in Latin America

LocalBitcoins Stops Cash Trades, Personal Offers on Platform

Man Sentenced for Illegal Money Transfer Services on LocalBitcoins

CME Bitcoin Futures Product Breaks Volume Record

Apps, Services and Devices That Put Bitcoin Users in the Driver’s Seat

Max Keidun Interview:

LocalBitcoins Denies Service to Iranian Users

Lightning Trades Available on Hodl Hodl Mainnet

Predictions by Hodl Hodl

Augur: A Decentralized Predictions Platform Built on Ethereum


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